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What time can you eat during Ramadan?

Table of Iftar food ready for family and friends top view for breaking fast during Ramadan

Table of Iftar food ready for breaking fast during Ramadan (Picture: Jasmin Merdan/Moment/Getty)

Ramadan is an important part of the Islamic calendar and it sees Muslims around the world begin an extended period of fasting.

The annual religious observance follows the Five Pillars of Islam and it requires practising Muslims to avoid food and drink between dawn and sunset.

It is considered to be a personal form of worship and a way to become closer to God.

The rules to maintain your fast can be quite strict and the timings can be quite important to avoid breaking your fast too early or starting it too late in the day.

Here is everything that you need to know about this years Ramadan timetable.

Family ready for Iftar meal with food and drinks on a table during Ramadan

Family and friends often eat together when breaking their fast (mustafagull/E+/Getty)

What time can you eat during Ramadan 2019?

The timings for when you can eat and drink can vary each day as it is based on the timings of sunset and sunrise.



Timings for each day during Ramadan can vary, and fortunately many Muslim websites have provided timetables to show when you can break your fast.

The timetable for each day includes the five daily prayers, based around the Five Pillars of Islam.

Fajr is the first of the daily prayers and also marks the beginning of that days fast.

For much of this years Ramadan, Fajr will be at some time during 3am, but will progressively become earlier and earlier, with the sun eventually rising on the final day at 2.48am for Eid al Fitr.

Ramadan 2019 timetable from Muslim Aid showing the timings to pray each day for the Five Pillars of Islam

Muslim Aid has provided a useful RamaRead More – Source

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