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Body of 18-month-old boy abducted from aunts house found dumped in landfill

Cedric Jackson, Dallas, Aunt, landfill, died, Texas

Cedric Jacksons body was found in a regional landfill in Texas on Thursday (Picture: Dallas Police/CBS)

The body of a missing 18-month-old boy who was reportedly abducted from his aunts house was found dumped in a landfill, police say.

Cedric Jackson was last seen alive early Wednesday morning at his aunts apartment in Dallas, Texas.

Police and FBI investigators used search dogs to scour a regional landfill in Rowlett and found Cedcrics body on Thursday, authorities announced.

The boys grandmother told Fox 4 the boy was dead, but did not specify how he died or how police appeared to know where to find his body.

Authorities said Cedrics aunt was recently given temporary custody of the boy and woke up to find the boy was missing Wednesday morning.

As investigators searched for Cedrics remains, family members expressed doubt in regards to her claims because they said she slept in the same bed as the child, according to CBS.



Dallas Police Major Max Geron said: A juvenile witness that lives at the (aunts apartment) described someone who looks like a relative as having taken Cedric at some point in the night.

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