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GEA launches Saudi talent competition with SR20 million prize

Author: Sat, 2019-07-13 01:38

JEDDAH: The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is offering young Saudis a chance to shine with GEA Challenges, a national program to discover talent in Saudi Arabia.

The program will accept applicants until the end of July before evaluations and nominations start in August. The winners will take home SR20 million ($5.3 million).

It hopes to provide training opportunities to the Kingdoms rising stars to develop them into global artists.

GEA Challenges will cover 20 entertainment categories, including playing instruments and singing, comedy scripts and content, graffiti, animation, films, acting, on-screen fashion, culinary arts, and circus and acrobatic talents.

In August, GEA Challenges will move on to its second phase, which is evaluation and nomination. This will be followed by talent judging in September and voting, before the winners are announced in October.

Winners will be notified by e-mail and mobile. Prizes will include training programs, tools and resources to enable their professional development.

The applicants are not expected to be professionals in their field. The committee will be taking passion, originality and relevance towards the selected challenge into consideration.

The GEA Challenges is sponsored by the GEA and supervised by Tam Hub, a Saudi media and information sciences company.

A full list of the competition regulations can be found on

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