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Woman films as massive bear comes into her home through open window

Brown bear invades woman's cabin in Lake Tahoe

The large bear pokes its head into the cabin after gnawing on the blinds (Picture: Twitter / @GeorgeForster72)

No-one likes dealing with an uninvited visitor but one woman was brought face to face with potentially the worst house guest imaginable – a massive brown bear attempting to climb into her front room.

She started to film as the intruder began its approach towards her cabin during a trip to Lake Tahoe in Nevada, US.

In the video, posted to Twitter, the unnamed woman repeatedly screams for help from an unseen friend named Angela – but it appears Angela is steering well clear of the bears path.

The bear begins by sniffing at a glass door the woman is standing behind, prompting her to say: Oh god Angela help me, Angela help me, come here bitch.

The regret rolls in when the animal discovers Angela and her pal have accidentally left a window open just big enough for the bear to push his snout in.



Very sensibly, Angela gives no answer as the bear stands up by the open window, biting and pawing at the blinds.

It sticks its head fully into the cabin, gnawing at the wooden slats of the blinds as the terrified woman filming repeats: Angela, Angela, Angela.

It appears that Angela is long gone.

FAM. This is one of my schoolmates from college. Shes NUTS for recording this 😯

β€” FOST (@GeorgeFoster72) July 13, 2019

As the huge animal puts its front legs into the house, the unnamed woman shooting the video eventually runs.

We later see that someone has called the police and an officer can be seen outside brandishing his taser in an attempt to scare the bear.

The officer then yells bad bear before the creature eventually lumbers away.

The video was posted on Twitter by former Dallas Cowboys football player George Foster.

He told his followers the footage was recorded by a college friend during a trip to the nature resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which straddle California.

Angela! Woman screams for help as massive brown bear makes his way inside her home Provider: Twitter/FOST

The curious creature sniffs at the patio doors for a few moments (Picture: Twitter / @GeorgeForster72)

Angela! Woman screams for help as massive brown bear makes his way inside her home Provider: Twitter/FOST

The camerawoman calls for her friend Angela to help as the bear enters (Picture: Twitter / @GeorgeForster72)

People have labelled the clip how not to respond to a bear invasion.

Many people are firmly on Angelas side, praising her for getting out of there as quickly as she could.

Your friend: Angela?! Angela!


β€” Mavelous (@FashionMaven88) 13 July 2019

Im cryinggggg Angela was GONE

β€” You cant spell β€œAmerica” without β€œErica” (@dejonrt) 13 July 2019

Live footage of Angela

β€” Anderson .Snaak πŸπŸ’™πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ”¬ (@OGNextDoor) 13 July 2019

Plot twist: the bears name is Angela

β€” lil shorty bulgogi (@wsupden) _

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