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Is this Londons most expensive cup of tea? Hotel is selling a brew for £500

That tea looks pretty fancy (Picture: The Rubens At The Palace)

There are plenty of places in London to get a good cup of tea but this could be the most expensive.

A hotel is offering a pot of rare Golden Tips tea for £500 – thats £166.66 a cup.

The tea is available at five-star luxury hotel The Rubens at The Palace, alongside an afternoon tea, which costs £45.

The hotel in Westminster has teamed up with ta merchants PMD tea to source the tea.

Its produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka, with tea pluckers picking it by hand and drying it on a velvet cloth to turn the buds from silver to gold, giving it its name.

It is, quite rightfully, served at the hotel with a bit of ceremony – the delicate tea is weighed with precision at The Rubens using golden scales, and each tip is then placed into the silver teapot individually with golden tweezers.

The outside of the The Rubens At The Palace
This is where you could be having the tea (Picture: The Rubens At The Palace)

The tea is infused with still mineral water to produce what the hotel describes as an extraordinary liquor and a smooth, light and mellow texture, with hints of fruity notes.



You can enjoy it with a selection of scones, finger sandwiches and pastries.

The tea leaves can be infused up to three times and apparently the flavour profile changes each time.

Apparently this type of tea has a history of exclusivity and the cost hasnt changed much since the Victorian era.

In 1801, a pound of golden tips was sold for the equivalent of £1,260 back then.

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Dananjaya Silva, Managing Director & Tea Master at P.M.David Silva & Sons, told the Daily Mail: The exquisite Rubens Golden Tips tea leaves can be infused as many as three times, with the flavour profile changing each time so you can enjoy a new depth of flavour.

On first infusion,Read More – Source

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