UK: Major Art Exhibitions of 2022

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine): The year 2022 promises a big showcase of some of the most influential artists in history. Raphael, Francis Bacon, Cézanne, Louise Bourgeois, and Sickert are among the artists whose works will be on display this year.


Raphael at National Gallery (9 April-31 July) 

The National Gallery’s much-anticipated Raphael exhibition, which was originally scheduled to premiere in autumn 2020, will instead open in the spring. The exhibition is one of the first to look at the Renaissance master’s whole career, bringing together a diverse collection of top-rate loans from museums all around the world. To cover the whole breadth of Raphael’s outstanding oeuvre, it will include paintings, drawings, and tapestries and architectural blueprints, designs, prints, and poetry. Expect long lines.

Cézanne at the Tate Modern (6 October-12 March 2023)

Cézanne at Tate Modern is expected to be just as popular, charting the post-impressionist artist’s career from his relatively conventional canvases in Paris in his 20s to the extraordinary experiments in colour and form towards the end of his life.  It will aim to showcase how Cézanne steadfastly pursued his own perspective, altering notions of what art could be, with many pieces never before shown in the UK.

Walter Sickert at Tate Britain (28 April-18 September)

Meanwhile, the Tate Britain will host the first major retrospective of Walter Sickert’s art in 60 years. Sickert, a German-born British artist who used his acting experience to give his radical and gloomy compositions a passionate spark, was among the most prominent British artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The World Of Stonehenge at The British Museum (17 February-17 July)

The World of Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum will be another historical highlight . This important exhibition will focus on England’s most iconic stone circle, as well as the culture that gave birth to it. It will feature a wide range of spectacular exhibits, ranging from tools and ornamental metalwork, jewellery to ritual objects, and will span the time period 4000BC to 1000 BC.

The Tudors – Passion, Power, and Politics at the Holburne Museum (January 28 – May 8)

The Tudors: Passion, Power, and Politics, a historic exhibition studying the royal portraits from Tudor period, will be held at Bath’s Holburne Museum . It will include 25 iconic Tudor portraits, including the “Darnley” and “Armada” paintings of the Virgin Queen, as well as likenesses of all five Tudor monarchs. The exhibition will follow the dynasty’s development from provincial ignorance to ultimate control, from the Wars of the Roses to the defeat of the Armada.

Here is the list of other expected exhibitions of the year picked by The Week, UK .