5 Crazy Canadian Bucket List Experiences

If you love the feeling of your stomach flipping when you miss a step on the stairs, love the idea of spiking your adrenalin, fantasize about hikes to the beyond, swoon over nature’s best offerings, love a rustic experience or are feeling burnt out and need a natural, serene getaway, your next destination should, one hundred percent, be Canada.


Canada has a contrasting landscape that keeps the city gal satisfied, the fitness lover active and the serene seeker satisfied. It also has some insane bucket list experiences you never knew you wanted to add to your own list. So let’s roll into this list of 5 crazy Canadian bucket list experiences.

1. Swim with Beluga Whales in Churchill, Manitoba

Pack a wetsuit and snorkeling gear (you’ll be needing it for this one) and plunge into the frigid waters of Hudson Bay alongside friendly beluga whales. Churchill, Manitoba, is one of the few places on Earth where you can have this exhilarating experience and tick off your secret childhood fantasy of swimming with a whale just like that kid from Free Willy. The difference being that Belugas aren’t Orcas (obviously). 

The curious Belugas often swim right up to you, creating an unforgettable underwater encounter.


2. Iceberg Viewing in Newfoundland and Labrador

Some watched the Titanic and were obsessed with DiCaprio’s hair, some were plagued by the fact that the door could’ve fit both Jack and Rose, and some were intrigued by the iceberg in all its glory (each to their own). The Canadian icebergs would surely steal the show given the chance. 

If you head to the Easternmost province of Canada, you’ll get to witness the massive icebergs that have drifted down from the Arctic. Take a boat tour off the coast of places like Twillingate or St. Anthony to get up close and personal with these ancient icebergs, whereby its shapes and colors are constantly changing.


3. Dog Sledding in the Yukon

Embrace the spirit of the Canadian wilderness by mushing your own team of huskies through the rugged terrain of the Yukon. A day filled with doggos, white landscapes, snow sprays and drool-worthy forests? Yes, please!

This exhilarating adventure allows you to experience the Northern landscapes just like the gold rush pioneers did in the late 19th century. You’ll forge a deep connection with your furry companions and the pristine nature around you. This is the ultimate “nature lovers’ adventure that’s bound to snag the hearts of those who crave the natural wilderness.


4. EdgeWalk at CN Tower, Toronto

If heights excite you rather than scare you, this next one’s for you. Leaving the forests behind, you could head to a different sort of landscape… The urban jungle filled with towers instead of trees, lakes replaced by lanes and green replaced by neon. 

Toronto’s CN Tower is the magical building behind the EdgeWalk. It’s the world’s highest full-circle hands-free walk, situated 356 meters (1,168 feet) above the ground. You’ll be harnessed to an overhead rail system as you walk around the tower’s edge, taking in seemingly endless views of the city. It’s a heart-pounding adventure for those seeking an adrenaline rush with an urban twist.


5. Sleeping in an Ice Hotel in Quebec

Why sleep in an ordinary cabin when you can sleep in an ice palace instead? Nope, this isn’t another Frozen sequel from Disney. You really can spend a night in an ice palace at the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City. Every winter, this unique hotel is constructed entirely from snow and ice, offering guests the chance to sleep in artistically designed, sub-zero rooms. From the ice chapel to the ice bar, it’s a surreal experience that blends luxury and the wintry Canadian wilderness.


Where to Next?

Swimming with Belugas, viewing icebergs, sledding with huskies, walking the CN Tower or sleeping in an ice palace … Which one will you pick? Or will you make it your mission to complete them all? If you threw a dart at a map to pick your next destination, you’re probably hoping that it’s hit Canada at this point, and we don’t blame you!


Jessica Bayley

Jessica Bayley is an international author and journalist based in South Africa. She writes on international affairs, travel and is also the author of "The Ladies of Belgium"