Julian Assange Granted Right to Appeal US Extradition

London (Parliament News) – Julian Assange can appeal his US extradition on charges of leaking military secrets, challenging assurances on fair trial rights, especially First Amendment protections.  Julian Assange has been given leave to mount a fresh plea against his extradition to

British Museum Recovers 626 Lost or Stolen Items

London (Parliament News) – The British Museum has retrieved 268 more missing or stolen items, totaling 626 recovered. Around 2,000 items went missing last year, some sold on eBay. Former curator Dr Peter Higgs denies involvement. The British Museum has found another

UK’s Corruption Perceptions Index Plunge: A Wake-Up Call

UK (Parliament Politics Maganize) – According to Transparency International, The UK has dropped to its lowest-ever position in the corruption perceptions index (CPI), which rates countries by experts’ views of possible corruption in public services. The UK slipped from 18th (out of 181 countries) in 2022 to 20th in 2023, its most down position since the research was updated in

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