Officials Asked to Move Out of Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s political situation keeps increasing in severity. The two biggest complaints are armed conflict and supply shortages. The violence had recently been occurring unpredictably, as the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa described it.   Because of these reasons, the U.S.

Poverty is growing in the UK

Before the pandemic, many families were already feeling the strain of increasing living costs, transport, and childcare. During the pandemic, thousands of people were made redundant or lost income on the furlough scheme. The current cuts to benefits coupled with the rise

UK House Prices 2021

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the UKs housing market has continued to exceed expectations. Nationwide has reported that housing prices are now 13% higher than they were prior to the pandemic and have experienced a monthly increase in price that has exceeded the previous 14 years. Furthermore, on average the value of a UK home has risen by

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The UK, an economy in transition

The Bank of England “kept calm and carried on” with no change in interest rate. Inflation was not considered as much of a concern as the fragile state of the recovery. Where does this fragility come from?   Let’s think of the