Message from the Editor


Welcome to parliamentnews.co.uk and our sister magazine, Parliament Politics.

We are a UK based nonpartisan politics and policy platform, launched in 2021.

Our aim is to provide parliamentarians, think tanks and those involved in developing and implement policies a space to discuss legislation, campaigns and more generally political ideas through our website and magazine.

Uniquely we want to cover ideas from the hyper-local – relating to a single constituency or area, to national and supra-national. All that matters to us is any issue raised, is done so in a respectful fashion, even when discussing controversial areas of public policy and will engage our growing readership of more than 100,000 politicos.

We are funded by small donations, investors and by paid for advertising, which supports a small team of writers and experts.   

And we are currently putting together a cross-party advisory board which will ensure we steadfastly stick to our aims. Its’ membership will be announced in early 2024.

Thank you.

Alistair Thompson

Editor at large