Rail Companies Misuse Courts in Fare Evasion Cases

London (Parliament News) – Rail companies misapplied courts, sentencing thousands for fare evasion in secret fast-track hearings. Train companies used a single justice procedure improperly, prompting calls for reform after uncovering systematic legal misuse. Rail companies have been accused of misapplying the

Green Party Unveils Ambitious Plan for Real Change

London (Parliament News) – The Greens call on voters to support their ambitious proposals, contrasting them with Labour’s “more of the same” approach. Their manifesto includes higher taxes on the wealthy, public service improvements, and bold environmental policies. The Greens have undertaken

China Accuses MI6 of Enlisting Chinese Couple as Spies

London (Parliament News) – China’s Ministry of State Security accuses MI6 of recruiting two Chinese state employees as spies, alleging manipulation of a husband-wife duo, intensifying global espionage tensions. China’s secret service has blamed MI6 for turning two Chinese state employees and

Keir Starmer Prioritizes Wealth Creation as His Top Mission

London (Parliament News) – Keir Starmer commits to centrist leadership, prioritizing wealth creation. He emphasizes economic growth, tolerance, and inclusivity while navigating party controversies. Labour’s Back to Work plan aims to boost employment and training opportunities. Keir Starmer has declared he will

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