A look back at current events in English-speaking countries: January-February 2023

We knew the famous French Strikes, but French don’t always do it better. The whole country mobilized in January and February: medical staff, bus and train drivers, teachers… Everyone has salary demands to make to the government for the country’s civil servants. A general strike was even considered!

To try to minimize the impacts that these strikes could have on the country, the House of Commons received a bill to ensure a minimum service in the event of a general strike by civil servants. The problem ? Many see it as an “anti-strike law” and therefore undemocratic.

Civil servants are demanding an increase of almost 10% in salaries, after more than a decade without an increase and in a context of unprecedented crisis.

Politics in the United Kingdom has been particularly difficult of late, not least because of the question of Scottish independence. She will remain in power until the Scottish National Party appoints her successor. But Nicola Sturgeon will bow out well: “In my head and in my heart, I know that the time has come, that it is the right time for me, for my party and for the country. »

On January 7, after four days of debates and votes, it was McCarthy who was finally elected head of the House of Representatives until 2025 (216 votes, against 212). There were numerous debates and it was finally after the 14th vote that the Republican representative from California was elected!

Nancy Pelosi’s replacement will very soon have to deal with various issues, such as raising the public debt ceiling, financing the federal state or even the budget allocated for the war in Ukraine.

Quite difficult questions, especially in a hostile Congress where his own party accuses him of being “too timid, too close to Biden and not enough to Trump”.

The archives, a history of presidents

We knew about Trump’s problem with the documents he kept at home. Turnaround: in January, secret documents were found at Joe Biden’s house.

The case is less serious than that of Trump, but nevertheless, numerous documents dating from the time when he was Obama’s vice-president (2009-2017) were found in his Delaware home. To be continued…

A new shooting
On Saturday, January 21, around the Lunar New Year, a shooting broke out in a Los Angeles suburb. 11 people died and 9 others were injured.

Medication delivery by Amazon
With an Amazon Prime subscription, Americans can now purchase many generic medications for $5 per month.

However, RxPass is not available to people with Medicare or Medicaid, or people living in Texas and California.

Police violence
On January 7, in Memphis, Tire Nichols (29) was killed by five black police officers. The death of the young African-American was filmed and broadcast on social networks.

This new episode has revived the problems of racism in the United States, especially since the death of George Floyd… Even if here this new police violence does not “directly demonstrate racism”, because all the people involved were of Afro-American origin. American, this always poses the problem of stereotypes of which the latter are regularly victims.

Spy objects
In the United States and Canada, three flying objects and a spy balloon were seen and neutralized in early February.

These balloons have long been suspected of being Chinese spy balloons. However, on February 17, Joe Biden claimed that these balloons were not in fact part of a Chinese spy program, but that he “will shoot down any object that threatens the security of the country.”

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