Abu Dhabi’s PureHealth acquires UK-based Circle Health Group for $1.2 Billion

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UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) –  PureHealth, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has successfully acquired Circle Health Group, the UK-based hospital operator, for a substantial sum of $1.2 billion (equivalent to Dh4.4 billion). The announcement of this acquisition was made by the company on Monday. Notably, the acquisition marks Pure Health’s inaugural foray into the UK market.

With the completion of this acquisition, PureHealth will attain full ownership of Circle Health Group’s diverse portfolio, which encompasses not only existing hospitals but also recently constructed medical facilities, including the UK’s pioneering rehabilitation hospital.

Confident Transition Under PureHealth Ownership:CEO’s Perspective

Hammad Al Ameri, the CEO and Managing Director of Alpha Dhabi Holding PJSC, the parent company of Pure Health and listed on ADX, expressed his sentiments, stating, “This acquisition stands as a significant milestone for our affiliated entity, PureHealth Holding LLC. We hold strong confidence that it will strategically position us for sustained expansion and prosperity.”

Established in 2004, Circle Health Group is recognized as the provider of the most extensive nationwide network of private hospitals in the United Kingdom. A pivotal point arrived in 2019 when the prominent US Fortune 500 Company, Centene Corporation, extended its investment to Circle Health Group, culminating in the full acquisition of the remaining equity stakes by July 2021.

“We hold a strong belief that this business will continue its prosperous journey, granting access to top-tier healthcare and yielding enhanced clinical outcomes through its affiliation with PureHealth,” remarked Sarah London, the CEO of Centene. She emphasized that this transaction signifies a significant advancement in their portfolio assessment and underscores the persistent progress in their value creation strategy.

Mutually Advantageous for UAE and UK

Officials anticipate that the acquisition will bring forth a multitude of advantages for both the healthcare systems of the UAE and the UK. This encompassing approach encompasses the augmentation of clinical knowledge and the introduction of innovative medical methodologies through heightened collaboration among medical experts. Furthermore, patients in the UAE will gain access to a wider array of treatment options.

Farhan Malik, the Managing Director and Group CEO of PureHealth, expressed, “This acquisition stands as a pivotal moment in our path to establishing a global healthcare network that redefines patient care. By synergizing the proficiencies of both entities, we contribute positively to the well-being of patients worldwide.”

Circle Health, comprising a workforce of over 8,200 employees and 6,500 consultants, operates across more than 50 hospitals in the UK, covering a diverse spectrum of over 60 medical specialties. 

Proximity and Accessibility: Circle Health’s Reach Across the UK

With a substantial presence of 150 operating theaters and over two million annual visits, the company generates approximately $1.3 billion in revenue. Notably, it has also entered the Chinese market as the inaugural European healthcare provider to do so. An impressive statistic highlights that around 90 percent of adults in the UK reside within a 90-minute radius of a Circle Health Group hospital.

On the other end, PureHealth boasts an extensive network of 25 hospitals, health insurance services, a surplus of 160 laboratories, over 100 clinics, and a workforce exceeding 24,000 employees. Recently, the company concluded a $500 million equity investment in Ardent Health Services, the fourth-largest private healthcare group in the US, which operates across six states.

In January of the preceding year, ADQ, the holding company of Abu Dhabi, entered into an agreement to amalgamate its healthcare subsidiaries, which encompassed entities like Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (known as Seha) and the National Health Insurance Company (Daman), with Pure Health under Alpha Dhabi. This strategic move aimed to establish the most expansive healthcare provider in the Emirates.

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PureHealth’s Comprehensive Network: A Catalyst for Global Healthcare Advancements

In 2021, ADQ integrated its healthcare establishments, Rafed and Union71, with Pure Health, fostering a formidable alliance. As of now, Pure Health boasts a comprehensive network comprising over 25 hospitals, 160 advanced laboratories, 100 well-equipped clinics, and a dedicated workforce exceeding 24,000 employees.

During June of the previous year, Pure Health made a substantial commitment to allocate Dh10 billion over the coming decade to procure products within the UAE and bolster the nation’s economic landscape.

In a recent development, the company concluded a Dh1.8 billion acquisition, obtaining an equity stake in Ardent Health Services, a prominent private healthcare conglomerate operating across six states in the US.

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