Boris Johnson Associate, Nadine Dorries Resigns from UK Parliament Following Extended Period of Postponement

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UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) – British Conservative lawmaker Nadine Dorries has left her job in the House of Commons. She announced she was leaving more than two months ago after former Prime Minister Boris Johnson also quit his position in Parliament.

Dorries used to be in charge of culture in Johnson’s government. She left with criticism for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who Johnson and his friends blame for making the former leader step down.

In a letter she wrote and was printed in the Daily Mail newspaper, Dorries said Sunak was running a “zombie Parliament” where nothing important was happening. She also said he helped create strong public anger against her.

Dorries Resigns from UK Parliament

Dorries is the most recent person to leave politics because of Johnson. He stopped being a lawmaker in June after a group that checks ethics in Parliament said he had lied about breaking rules during the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson called this investigation a “witch hunt.” Johnson’s Conservative Party made him quit as prime minister a year earlier after he got involved in the “party gate” scandal and other controversies.

The group that makes sure people do the right things (ethics committee) didn’t like what Dorries and some friends of Johnson did. They said they were trying to mess with an investigation and make the rules of the House of Commons not work well.

When Johnson left his job in the Commons, Dorries and another person who supported him said they would leave too, which would make new elections happen. But Dorries didn’t do it right away, and this made other people from the same party (Conservatives) annoyed. Dorries also said that Sunak stopped her from getting a higher job in Parliament called the House of Lords. But Sunak said this isn’t true.      

Dorries Criticizes Rishi Sunak

Dorries quit her job on Saturday and criticized a politician named Sunak. He’s from the same party as her. She said that history will remember him badly. People who support the Prime Minister blame Sunak for the Prime Minister’s resignation last year.

Dorries said that Sunak is responsible for their party being far behind the other party in polls and might do badly in the next election. Because she left her job, there will be a special election in a certain area of the government.

Dorries used to be a nurse and a writer. She worked in the government for 18 years. She wants to write a book about how the Prime Minister was forced to leave his job. British Conservative MP Nadine Dorries left her position in the House of Commons on Saturday. This happened more than two months after she said she would resign because former Prime Minister Boris Johnson also left Parliament.

 Dorries was a part of Johnson’s government as the culture secretary. When she left, she criticized Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Johnson and his supporters think Sunak played a role in bringing down the former leader.

In a letter she wrote that was printed in the Daily Mail newspaper, Dorries said Sunak was leading a “zombie Parliament” where nothing important was happening. She also said Sunak helped create a lot of public excitement against her.

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Rishi Sunak Stops Dorries from Joining House of Lords

Dorries recently left her job in politics, and she’s not the first one to do so because of problems related to Johnson. Johnson had to quit being a Member of Parliament in June because a group that checks on fair behavior in Parliament said he had not told the truth about breaking the rules by having parties in his office when there was a virus outbreak. Johnson called this investigation a “witch hunt.”

Before that, Johnson’s own political party, called the Conservative Party, made him stop being the leader of the country a year before. This happened because he got caught up in the “Party gate” situation and other scandals.

Dorries said that Sunak stopped her from becoming a part of the House of Lords, which is the upper part of the Parliament. But Sunak said this is not true. She talked about this when she left her position on a Saturday. She criticized Sunak in her statement and said that history will not look at him favorably.

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