British Semiconductor Industry Delegation Explores Prospects in Taiwa

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – “In a historic move toward global collaboration and innovation, the United Kingdom’s Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is spearheading the inaugural UK Semiconductors Business Delegation to Taiwan.

This groundbreaking advancement in semiconductor technology will be celebrated with the UK Pavilion’s presentation at the 2023 SEMICON Taiwan, featuring 19 dynamic and forward-thinking British companies showcasing the United Kingdom’s expertise in the semiconductor sector.

UK Semiconductor Delegation in Taiwan

The delegation’s visit, set to commence on September 5th, is designed to promote trade, investment, and research partnerships within Taiwan’s semiconductor landscape, as stated in an official release from the British Office in Taipei.”

“At the forefront of this delegation stands Professor Julia Sutcliffe, the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) at the United Kingdom’s Department for Business and Trade (DBT). Professor Sutcliffe is leading a group of British enterprises eager to explore opportunities and forge partnerships in Taiwan, a global epicenter for semiconductor manufacturing.

Given the semiconductor sector’s remarkable growth and technological advancements, this delegation’s visit has the potential to spark pioneering collaborations between the two nations.

SEMICON Taiwan: Showcasing UK Innovation

The United Kingdom’s participation in SEMICON Taiwan 2023 is notably influenced by the UK’s National Semiconductor Strategy, unveiled in May. This strategy underscores the nation’s strengths in compound semiconductors, research and development, intellectual property, and chip design.”

“Through the SEMICON Taiwan platform, the UK delegation will unveil cutting-edge designs, software, equipment, and materials, offering a mere glimpse into the extensive offerings of the UK’s semiconductor sector.

A significant impetus behind this delegation’s trip is the solid foundation of UK-Taiwan science and technology relations, anchored by two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). The initial MoU was established between the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult and Taiwan’s ITRI in 2020, followed by another between Innovate UK and Taiwan’s Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA, last year.

UK-Taiwan Science and Technology Collaborations

These collaborations have been further strengthened by recent bilateral research and development funding competitions. With the delegation’s visit, both Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult and Innovate UK aim to deepen the bilateral collaboration between the UK and Taiwan in this sector.”

“In addition to the dynamic SEMICON Taiwan program, the delegation is scheduled to participate in an innovative Research and Development pitch forum hosted by ITRI in Hsinchu. 

This initiative highlights the mutual dedication of both nations to advancing cutting-edge research and development, potentially paving the way for groundbreaking technological advancements in the semiconductor field.

Professor Sutcliffe’s schedule extends beyond the exhibition halls and research forums. She is set to meet with Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs, to further build upon the collaborative foundations established during Minister Tang’s visit to London Tech Week in June. This meeting exemplifies the commitment to nurturing meaningful partnerships that transcend national borders.”

“Furthermore, Professor Sutcliffe’s itinerary includes visits to esteemed institutions such as UMC, Academia Sinica, and the Taiwan Space Agency. These visits are aimed at strengthening the UK’s connections with Taiwan’s science and technology community, with the potential for future collaborative initiatives and shared research endeavors.

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The UK’s Leadership in Semiconductor Technologies

In anticipation of the delegation’s visit, Professor Sutcliffe expressed her enthusiasm for the journey ahead. She commended Taiwan’s comprehensive semiconductor ecosystem, encompassing design, foundry operations, assembly, testing facilities, and an extensive network of suppliers and vendors.

Importantly, she underscored the UK’s prominent position as a global leader in emerging semiconductor materials, design, intellectual property, device research, and design automation.”

“Back in July, the United Kingdom and Taiwan further solidified their enduring trade and investment ties as they co-hosted the 26th annual UK-Taiwan Trade Talks.

This noteworthy occasion followed a flourishing trade partnership, with bilateral trade between the two nations surging to an impressive £8.6 billion in 2022.

As both countries aimed to broaden their economic horizons, the UK had also taken additional measures to fortify its international trade connections by joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade bloc in New Zealand.”

“The UK’s entry into the CPTPP was a historic moment, with Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch signing the treaty to join this forward-thinking and ambitious trade agreement that spans 12 economies across Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.

“This action emphasized the United Kingdom’s dedication to cultivating stronger connections with global allies and seizing fresh opportunities in an ever-evolving international trade environment.

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