Debunking IPTV Hoaxes: Spy Cars & Android TV Foil Scams

Widespread panic has spread in the UK and illegal IPTV users have seen it as a good idea to start covering their Android TVs with aluminum foil to avoid being detected by spy cars.

IPTVs have become the main enemy of governments, companies and advertisers. This technology that allows television signals to be transmitted through an Internet connection in a place through an air signal or cables has allowed many users to consume content that is retransmitted in a completely illegal way.

These contents are generally football matches, various sports such as Formula 1 or MotoGP, but there is also IPTV that is dedicated to illegally broadcasting movies, series and a long list of on-demand content. Logically, both the companies that broadcast this content and many creators are not happy with this situation.

In order to stop the progress of the use of IPTV illegally, because they can also be used legally, governments are beginning to launch different action protocols. In the United Kingdom, the West Mercia police have launched a somewhat special operation since they have decided to visit the addresses of residents to warn of the dangers of IPTV piracy services.

The situation, as complex as it is crazy, has given rise to a series of rumors about how to prevent the police from detecting the signals from IPTV channels and lists. As TorrentFreak indicates, panic has spread in the United Kingdom thanks to the appearance of a series of disconcerting news.

Fast! Wrap Your FireTV Stick in Aluminum Foil or Your IPTV Will be Detected!

It may seem completely unrealistic, but there are people who have decided to start wrapping their Android TV in aluminum foil to prevent the police from detecting that they are watching TV channels via IPTV or that they are part of an IPTV list in which to consume pirated content. of other services.

How has this situation arisen? The explanation offered by TorrentFreak is that, when the news broke that the police were going to start notifying users at their homes, two news items appeared that talked about surveillance vehicles designed to detect the consumption of illegal content on the Internet. households.

These two news items also match the source and have been published by The Mirror and Mail Online. In both news items, there is talk of the existence of these vehicles designed to detect the retransmission of illegal content in the United Kingdom and, therefore, the general alarm began to emerge with such force that paranoia began.

Despite the fact that there are vehicles for monitoring the consumption of pirated IPTV channels or lists is, logically, a ridiculous idea. Both stories and the source that generated this news talk about how the easiest way to avoid detection was to cover Android TV devices with aluminum foil.

There is no doubt that this is a complete lie and, therefore, no case should be made of the existence of surveillance vehicles designed to detect illegal content on IPTV lists or the fact that by covering the Android TV device with aluminum foil prevent it from being detected.

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