Doctors are ‘very frustrated’ with the delay in NHS procedures caused by unvaccinated Covid patients

Shaare Zedek hospital team members wearing safety gear as they work in the Coronavirus ward of Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem on September 23, 2021. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** מחלקה חולה מחלקת קורונה וירוס חולה חולים שערי צדק רופאים אחיות עובדים מונשמים

According to the British Medical Association, a high number of unvaccinated persons admitted to hospitals with Covid-19 is “seriously restricting” the ability of the National Health Service to offer emergency treatment. Unvaccinated persons who are very ill with Covid-19 are delaying the treatment of other patients, according to doctors, who describe the situation as “quite irritating.”

Because of a large number of unvaccinated patients admitted to hospitals with the condition, the British Medical Association claims that the health system’s ability to offer immediate treatment to millions more people is “significantly hampered.”

After the Sunday Times discovered that more than 90 percent of Covid patients needing the most specialised treatment are unvaccinated, the government issued a statement.

According to the most recent statistics available through July, between 20 and 30 percent of critical care beds were filled by Covid patients, while the NHS waiting list had expanded to 5.8 million people by the end of September. Almost one in every ten persons in the United Kingdom aged 12 or older has still not had a vaccination shot.

People should receive their flu shot when it is provided, according to Dr. Vishal Sharma, head of the British Medical Association’s consultants committee. “It is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you this Christmas,” he said.

“With such a high number of beds filled by unvaccinated individuals who are dangerously sick with Covid, the NHS is severely restricting its ability to offer urgent care to the millions of people who need treatment for other, non-Covid-related diseases,” he said further.

The fact that unvaccinated individuals are being admitted to hospitals is really disappointing since we know that the great majority of these admissions could have been avoided if they had just accepted their offer of the vaccination is extremely disheartening.”

Furthermore, he added that “With such a high proportion of beds being occupied by unvaccinated people who are critically unwell with Covid, this is seriously limiting the capacity of the NHS to provide urgent care to the millions of people needing treatment for other non-Covid related conditions.

Faizah Haider

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