Macron shamed over embarrassing vaccine rollout – ‘We won’t be done until November 2026!’


The French President has come under huge pressure with France lagging behind several other countries in vaccinating its tens of millions of citizens. This situation hasn’t been helped by the chaotic rollout from the European Union, which ignited a row with vaccine maker AstraZeneca over severe production issues for the bloc. On Wednesday, French MEP and member of The Republicans outlined the desperate situation facing France when he tweeted the latest figures from Covid Tracker website.

He claimed in a tweet: “To vaccinate all French adults (52 million) by August 2021, 489,058 doses must be injected per day!

“At the current rate (average of the last 7 days), all adults would be vaccinated on November 11, 2026.”

The situation appears to have vastly improved since then, with the Covid Tracker now stating to vaccinate the adult population by August 2021, 496,058 doses would have to be injected every day.

The website now states: “At the current rate (average of the last 7 days), the goal of vaccinating the entire adult population would be reached on December 25, 2023”.

However, just 3.8million cumulative doses have been administered in France since December 26, with the Covid Checker website adding: “Two doses spaced three weeks apart are necessary to vaccinate a patient.”

Just 73,395 vaccine doses have been injected over the most recent 24 hour period, with the total standing at just over 2.1million people.

The Covid Checker website adds this is the cumulative number of people who received a dose of vaccine, adding: “Two doses are needed to vaccinate a patient.”

This website also states 98,453 second doses have been administered in the most recent 24 hour period, reaching just 540,713 people. This data was last collected on February 11.

Overall, just 3.2 percent of French people have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with at least 56.8 percent of citizens still waiting to be injected to reach a vaccination rate of 60 percent.

Covid Checker warns: “A vaccination rate of 60% does not necessarily achieve collective immunity.”

The shamefully slow rollout of a coronavirus vaccine in France is painfully shown up when compared to the performance of the UK.

More than 14 million Britons have received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine so far, and uptake stands at around 90 percent.

This is the equivalent of 21 percent of the total UK population, and 26.6 percent of people aged 18 and over.

On Friday, France said patients who have already had coronavirus should only receive one dose of a vaccine, meaning it is the first country to adopt such a strategy in a move that could free up millions of crucial doses.

Health officials in the country said a single jab would be enough to “remind’ the body how to fight off COVID-19, as an earlier infection would already have generated an immune response similar to a first shot.