Mason Greenwood Salary In UK: Where He Ranks For Wages Among The Squad

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Mason Greenwood is a professional footballer. He plays for the Premier League club Manchester United. Being the perfect attacker in the game he was born in 2001 and is 21 years old currently. The Englishman is full of talent and this allowed him to join Red Devils at the age of six. Mason has played for the U18 Team club even though he was eligible for U16. His fans will be delighted to know that Mason ended up becoming the top scorer in Premier League North. During 2017 and 2018 he was named one of the tops most Players of the Tournament.

Mason Greenwood Signs A New Contract At Manchester United

Mason Greenwood has become one of the top earners and scores. He may have signed a new contract with the Red Devils but continues to pay attention to Manchester United. The 21-year-old talented player has signed a new contract that keeps him booked at Old Trafford till 2025. Here he has an option for an extra year as well. Manchester United is impressed with the talented player since the time he entered the scene.

To date, he has made around 82 appearances for the club. Moreover, he got the chance to earn through the new contract. However, this doesn’t mean he is at the top of the game when it comes to wages. Other players are paid higher than him. If we talk about his earnings per week it is around £35,000 per week while considering his previous deal.

 He is earning much more amount than in the previous deal. His earnings of £75,000 per week with the new contract are still behind other top players. Many of his teammates such as David de Gea, Paul Pogba, and Anthony Martial earn much more than him. De Gea is believed to be taking home a big amount of £375,000 per week. While Pogba earns £290,000 in one week that is massive.

Net Worth & Salary

As of 2022, their total net worth of Mason is estimated to be $1.5 million. His salary is much more than £35,000 every week. As he has signed a new deal with Manchester United his net worth will see a gradual increase.

His sports career is going smoothly but he had to face some controversies as well. According to many news portals, he was arrested for rape and other charges. If rumors are believed he may not be able to continue with the contract he signed earlier. However, some rumors suggest that he continues to be a part of them despite the arrest and allegations. Mason has signed up for another big contract with Nike. It seems that the contract was suspended due to his arrest.

Personal Life & Allegations

In January last year, Mason was accused of attempted rape and assault. The series of posts stated whatever he did. According to the woman Mason sexually assaulted and threatened her. Due to severe violence, this woman had to bear many injuries. She also sent some audio recordings that had Mason’s voice in them.

The footballer was arrested on the spot and cops took the proof of the assault. Since that time his career went downhill. It seems that the deals he signed up with Nike and EA games ended up in threat. He has not played any game since the news of his assault came out. The news stories suggest that Mason was released on bail in February.

He seems to be out of prison since then. The UEFA Europa League winner has destroyed his career due to such drastic behavior. Many people believed he has a long way to go. As he happens to be one of the deadliest finishers in the Premier League the expectations relating to him are quite high. This malicious act has brought down his career by a huge margin.

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Expected Earning From the New Contract with Manchester United F.C

Mason Greenwood signed a 5-year deal with Manchester United F.C. He is expected to earn around £19,500,000 from this contract. It includes his annual salary which can go up to £3,900,000. In 2022 itself Mason earned a base salary of £3,900,000. However, he carries a cap hit of £3,900,000 which is massive. After his arrest and allegations of rape, he is reviving his career to no end. As he is young many people want him to continue working hard for the game.

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