Meghan Markle inspired Kate Middleton to ignore this royal advice

MEGHAN MARKLE, 38, and Kate Middleton both married into the British Royal Family. Speaking to, an expert explained why Meghan inspired Kate to ditch “over-cautious” royal style.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry, 35, in 2018. She is the sister-in-law of Kate Middleton, 38, who married Prince William, 37, in 2011. An expert explained how Meghan inspired Kate to skip royal advice.

Before joining the Royal Family, Meghan Markle worked as an actress well-known for her role in the legal drama, Suits.

She was no stranger to being in the public eye and had already used her platform to speak on things that were important to her.

Kate Middleton, on the other hand, had rarely been seen before her wedding to Prince William.

Although the couple dated for many years, a lot of royal fans heard the Duchess of Cambridge speak for the first time in her engagement interview.

After marrying Prince William, Kate took on a role as a senior working royal and has made many speeches since.

The Duchess seemed to take some royal advice on speaking which meant her true personality did not shine through, body language and communications expert Judi James said.

She told “Kate clearly has the natural stardust factor that her husband lacks, but her speech-making style has previously been over-cautious, led by what looks like a strong desire to get it right and avoid mistakes.

“The likability factor has always been dominant, meaning her delivery has been very royal ribbon-cutter, i.e. the kind of formal speech style royals use when theyre launching a ship or opening a building.”

The Duchess has appeared more conscious of making mistakes than of showing off her own style, the expert suggested.

Judi added: “Kates first speech as Duchess of Cambridge made me angry because – although she looked delightful – her stilted, over-cautious delivery suggested she had been over-coached to the point where we werent being allowed to see anything of the real Kate.

“It looked mannered and choreographed, with too many regular pauses that were timed regardless of context.

“These are often used to slow a fast speaker down, but good modern speakers tend to put authenticity over a perfect delivery that lacks impact.

“Unlike Meghan, who arrived in the Royal Family complete with her own authentic speaking style and stuck with it, Kate had clearly gone down the royal route of putting perfection over impact, even including the use of the same high-pitched vocal tone that the Queen uses.”

When Meghan Markle joined the family, she was happy to speak up and seemed comfortable taking the stage.

“Meghans experience as an actress helped her develop a very inspirational and persuasive, modern speaking style,” the expert commented.

“She can speak with conviction and empathy, connecting with her audiences and creating change in a way that the royals rarely have done.”

Although this has not been Kate’s natural style in the past, she may have taken tips from Meghan on making speeches.

Analysing recent speeches by the Duchess of Cambridge, the expert explained she has become more confident.

She said: “Recently, Kate has appeared to be almost as keen to give her speeches the wow factor as her husband.

“Kates speech in Pakistan last year did finally show signs of a casting off of regal elegance and perfection and some hints of the kind of more relaxed, congruent passion and a desire to create bonds with her audience that Meghan excels at though.

“With no lectern and reading less from her notes, Kate appeared to be developing her individual style and potential as a speaker rather than focusing on being flawless.”