Netherlands Populist Shift: Geert Wilders’ Impact Unveiled

Le leader du PVV Geert Wilders réagit aux résultats des élections de la Chambre des représentants à Scheveningen, aux Pays-Bas, le 22 novembre 2023. Scheveningen, Pays-Bas, 22 novembre 2023. Le législateur d'extrême droite Geert Wilders a remporté les élections néerlandaises et a déclaré qu'il envisageait de diriger le prochain gouvernement du pays, dans un résultat choquant qui résonnera dans toute l'Europe. Photo by Remko De Waal/ANP/ABACAPRESS.COM

The politician, triumphant in the legislative elections, was threatened by several fatwas from imams calling for his beheading, and lives under protection 24 hours a day.

Seven years ago, he was already being called “the Dutch Donald Trump” and flattered by the comparison, Geert Wilders rushed to the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio, to witness the triumph of the billionaire’s nomination New Yorker. He had walked his helmet of bleached white blond hair and his tall, elegant figure through the crowded corridors of the sports arena hosting the event, professing his admiration for Trump.

“If I were an American, I would vote for him, Americans in America as in Europe feel abandoned by their leaders, they no longer want open borders, terrorist attacks in Nice, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands . Down” he told us, also calling on Britain’s Brexit and Marine Le Pen’s growing scores to illustrate his point.

But if Wilders is part of a national populist anti-immigration wave sweeping the West, including Argentina, he…

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Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.