Northampton Business Hub Receives Award for ‘Excellence in Fostering Innovation

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London (Parliament Politics Maganize) – Vulcan Works, a serviced workspace hub catering to startup businesses in Northampton, has been honored with the Innovation Award at the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards (NBEAs). The accolade was jointly presented to the West Northamptonshire Council and the Vulcan Works center management team.

It recognizes their innovative and considerate transformation of abandoned council buildings into an incubation space for startup ventures, specifically targeting the creative and digital industries. These sectors were identified through data as significant and expanding contributors to Northamptonshire’s economic landscape.

Land and Development Award Category

The £14 million construction undertaking also achieved recognition as a finalist in the Land and Development Award category, an acknowledgment reserved for construction projects making a substantial impact on the Northamptonshire community or economy. Vulcan Works, situated in the Cultural Quarter area of Northampton and unveiled in February, received praise from judges.

Comedian Rob Beckett emphasized this sentiment while announcing Vulcan Works and West Northamptonshire Council as the winners of the Innovation Award. Beckett remarked, “The judges were blown away by what the winner has done to support both local businesses and the community. They have fostered innovation and at the same time proven they are very good at what they do.”

Garrick Hurter, the Centre Manager at Vulcan Works, expressed elation at winning the Innovation Award, triumphing over formidable competition from other commendable innovators in the county. Being finalists in the Land and Development category added to the joy. Hurter emphasized the significance of the Innovation Award, stating,

 “It means a lot to us, especially as we are always looking for innovative ways to help new and growing businesses flourish.” Describing the concept of Vulcan Works as brave and bold, Hurter highlighted its substantial impact on the local business community and outlined plans for even more ambitious endeavors in the future.

Outcome is Hugely Rewarding for This Business

Cllr Dan Lister, the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration, and Growth, expressed his delight at Vulcan Works winning the Innovation Award at the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. Lister highlighted the high number of new businesses starting up in West Northamptonshire each year and the need for support to nurture and facilitate their growth.

He commended the innovative concept behind Vulcan Works, emphasizing its role in providing a supportive home for businesses with on-site assistance to help them thrive. Lister found great satisfaction in witnessing the transformation of derelict yet characterful council properties into a bustling ecosystem for startups, describing the outcome as hugely rewarding.

Situated amidst vast expanses of farmland, Northampton may initially appear an unconventional choice for the United Kingdom’s newest commercial hub. However, its strategic location proves advantageous, with easy accessibility to the majority of the country through a network of motorways and railroads. Additionally, being just an hour’s drive from London grants it proximity to the bustling financial districts of the metropolis.

This economic upswing has significantly impacted unemployment rates in both Northampton and the broader East England region, leading to a substantial decline. The city’s ascent to economic prominence was recognized as early as 2015 when it ranked third in the nation for new businesses, surpassed only by London and the neighboring city of Milton Keynes.

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Achievements of Northampton Business

The influx of new companies translated into employment opportunities for tens of thousands. By 2019, a mere 2.8 percent of the region’s workforce, equivalent to 91,000 people, were unemployed, showcasing the remarkable positive trajectory of Northampton’s economic landscape.

The synergy between the ample availability of rental office space in the city center and its central location has proven to be a triumphant combination for Northampton. Following a successful trial period, the local government extends support to startups through business grants of up to £1,000, providing them with a valuable advantage.

Beyond governmental assistance, a spirit of mutual support thrives among local businesses. Some enterprises specialize in offering web internet marketing services in Northampton, aiding fellow businesses in enhancing their online presence. Furthermore, commercial real estate owners contribute to the ecosystem by leasing their spaces to startups through short-term legal agreements.

This collaborative effort not only provides burgeoning businesses with prime office locations but also ensures property owners have dependable sources of revenue. This alliance serves as the sturdy foundation upon which the promising future of Northampton is being constructed.

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