Remodel plans put Boris Johnson in a tough spot

Boris Johnson under new inquiries over his evident help for a “extraordinary exhibition” plan supported by a Tory donor who aided compensation for the restoration of his flat on Downing Street.

Messages that were released on Thursday showed the PM talked about the proposition with Lord Brownlow – as he mentioned requiring assistance with financing the revamp.

Labour remarked Mr Johnson is to answer “grievous questions” over the messages..

It comes after Mr Johnson was reprimanded by the standard advisers who worked for him for not revealing the messages during an authority investigation into the Downing Street flat remodels.

The elections watchdog uncovered the texts during a different investigation into the financing of the renovation, assessed to have cost £112,000

In the back and forth from November 2020, Mr Johnson’s description of his accommodation in 11 Downing Street where he resides with spouse Carrie and their children was that it was “still a bit of a tip”.

He inquires if Lulu Lytle, the interior designer could get in touch with Lord Brownlow for finalising approvals .

Also, the PM added: “Ps am on the great exhibition plan Will revert.”

This alludes to a proposition for an article, propelled by the main Great Exhibition held in London’s Hyde Park in 1851, in the UK – an arrangement upheld by Lord Brownlow.

Accordingly, the friend expresses thanks toward Mr Johnson – and records show that a month and a half later he met the culture secretary at the time, Oliver Dowden to talk about the same idea.

At first, Mr Johnson had requested that Lord Brownlow regulate a beneficent trust to finance the work – yet that thought was subsequently deserted and payments wound up being made to providers both indirectly and by directly by the companion.

The Conservative Party was charged with a  fine of  £17,800 the previous month after the Electoral Commission observed it had neglected to precisely pronounce all donations of Lord Brownlow towards the remodel.