Sunak Rebukes Putin’s Claims on Ukraine as UK Boosts Military Support

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UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) – Rishi Sunak dismisses Putin’s accusations against the West regarding Ukraine. UK pledges increased military aid amid tensions. Zelenskyy signs a security pact with Britain.

Rishi Sunak has criticized and marked “clearly ridiculous” claims by Vladimir Putin that the West and NATO are to be accused of the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with TV host Tucker Carlson, the Russian President reiterated his claim that his aggression of Ukraine, which Kyiv and its partners described as an unprovoked act of aggression, was essential to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine and contain the country from posing a threat to Russia by joining NATO.

Talking to broadcasters in the South West, the Prime Minister stated it was “clearly ridiculous” to blame the West for the war.

“Russia conducted an illegal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. I’m proud that the UK has stood firmly with Ukraine.”

“I was there earlier this year, the first foreign leader to visit.”

“It was my first visit of the year to announce significant military support to Ukraine and a broader security relationship with them.” “We can’t let this type of behavior go unchecked. It impacts all of our security.” Sunak said, “We’ve already seen its impact on everyone’s energy bills. And that’s why we’re working closely, not just with the US but with allies around the world, to give Ukraine the support it needs for as long as it takes to repel the Russian invasion.”

In the same interview, Mr. Putin reiterated his claim that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported scuppering a deal to end the war.

Putin stated: “We prepared a huge document in Istanbul initiated by the Ukrainian delegation’s head. He affixed his signature to some of the provisions, not all. He put his signature and said we were ready to sign it, and the war would have been over 18 months ago. However, Prime Minister Johnson came and talked us out of it, and we missed that chance.”

Boris Johnson has previously called the claim “total nonsense and Russian propaganda,” while senior Ukrainian figures have also once rubbished the idea.

Putin meant at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s denial to conduct talks with the Kremlin and claimed that it is up to Washington to stop providing Ukraine with weapons and convince Kyiv, which he named a US “satellite,” to sit down for negotiations.

“We have never refused negotiations,” Putin expressed. “You should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to a negotiating table.”

Further, Putin cautioned that the West would never thrive in inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia in Ukraine and denied allegations that Russia was harboring plans to attack Poland or other NATO countries.

Moreover, one month ago, Rishi Sunak signed a new security deal with Ukraine’s president and declared an increase in military funding for the war-wracked country during a visit to Ukraine.

The UK will increase its aid in the next financial year to 2.5 billion pounds ($3.2bn), an addition of 200 million pounds ($255m) on the previous two years. The agreement would cover long-range missiles, air defense, artillery ammunition, and maritime security.

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“Our opponents around the world believe that we have neither the patience nor resources for long wars, so waver now, and we embolden not just [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, but his allies in North Korea, Iran and elsewhere,” Sunak described a press conference.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine and Britain also signed an “unprecedented security agreement” that would remain in effect until Ukraine joins the NATO military alliance.

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