UK and US Unite: Imposing New Sanctions on Iran Amidst Escalating Tensions

UK and US Unite: Imposing New Sanctions on Iran Amidst Escalating Tensions

UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) – The Britan joined hands with the US in imposing new sanctions upon Iran, as Rishi Sunak asked Tehran to “de-escalate” its movements across the Middle East after a deadly strike on an American base in Jordan.

The Iranian government disavowed any involvement in the drone attack near the border with Syria, which killed three US soldiers, as Washington pledged to take revenge on whoever was responsible.

The Joe Biden administration promised to take “all necessary actions” to protect its troops in the region – as both the White House and No 10 blamed “Iran-aligned” militants for the strike, which also saw dozens injured.

Mr. Biden met with his national security team members in the White House situation on Monday to examine the latest developments. The Biden administration persists in blaming Iranian-based proxies. “The president and I will not tolerate attacks on US forces, and we will take all necessary actions to defend the US and our troops,” expressed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Republican presidential favorite Donald Trump took upon the mounting tension in the region, claiming that his Democrat rival in the White House had placed the country “on the brink of World War 3”.

Mr Sunak urged Iran to dial down its activities across the Middle East, as his government revealed sanctions against seven individuals connected with Iran for allegations including assassinations and threats to life in Britain.

“We are concerned and would urge Iran to continue to de-escalate tensions in the region,” the PM told journalists on Monday. “We condemn what has happened over the past couple of days.”

Plugging new sanctions harmonized with the US, Foreign Secretary David Cameron expressed that the Iranian regime and “the criminal gangs who operate on its behalf” pose an inappropriate threat to UK security.

Asset freezes were asserted against five Iranians and two Turks, as well as against a unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds unit expressed to have targeted people in Britain.

“The UK and US have sent a clear message – we will not tolerate this threat,” said Lord Cameron, who has blamed the strike on “Iran-aligned militia groups.”

The Foreign Office stated the sanctions were being imposed after an ITV investigation into maneuvers to assassinate two presenters from the Iran International TV channel in the UK. At least 15 such threats have been made since January 2022.

An Iranian that the Foreign Office stated was the head of an international drug and trafficking cartel was also targeted for allegedly plotting or conducting overseas attacks. It came as it occurred that a drone was able to get past defense systems at the US military site known as Tower 22 in Jordan because it was mistaken for an American drone set to return to the base.

Officials’ preliminary conclusion – based on the fatal enemy drone flying in at a low altitude – was first noted by the Wall Street Journal.

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Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer voiced those behind the deadly drone strike on a US base in Jordan should be “held to account” – but also contended that everything must be done to avert escalation.

“I am concerned about the possibility of escalation of an already dangerous situation in the Middle East,” he told broadcasters – urging the government to “do everything that we can ensure there isn’t escalation of the conflict.”

Further, Mr. Sunak was criticized for bypassing parliament and allowing UK strikes on the Houthis. Asked whether MPs should call to vote on any further UK military action, Sir Keir stated: “I think it’s important that we judge each intervention on its merits.”

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