UK Halts Vaccinations For Under 50s, Vaccine Demand Increases

A sign is seen at an AstraZeneca site in Macclesfield, central England May 19, 2014. REUTERS/Phil Noble

Covid 19 and vaccines will continue in our lives for another year, and we are not referring specifically to the spread, but to discover the truth behind all the lies by pharmaceutical companies. Today in this article we will expand on the most controversial issues about the Covid vaccine business and that up to now some countries require certain doses to be able to travel normally, otherwise your access to public places will be restricted.

The research director of Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) assures that the company is investigating mutating the covid virus with the purpose of necessitating a new vaccine and launching it on the market.

A few beers and they revealed the entire evil plan of the Pfizer vaccines;
Tara is an American influencer who only shares “the truth” as she herself says many times, she is also a Forex market analyst. Last night she posted about:
– “Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, Jordon Walker, admits that Pfizer planned to mutate Covid-19 to benefit from more vaccine mandates. Is it time to sue Pfizer?”

Context: The director Jordon Walker was in a bar sharing a pleasant moment with a person who has no name for now, but who was filming 90% of the entire conversion with Jordon. The video that was exposed on networks tells us about the “veritas” project, which has been the intentions of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to mutate the Covid 19 virus in order to continue benefiting from the sale of more vaccines. This video is currently a worldwide trend, presenting more than 11 million views in various Twitter posts (NYSE: TWTR), the truth will be left to the authorities and time.

UK Bans Vaccination of Healthy People Under 50

Peter is a Swedish journalist who shares his experiences and current news. He just recently talked about:
– “UK will stop giving Covid vaccines to healthy people under 50 years of age. Could it be that they are concerned about the excess of 7,000 deaths in just 3 weeks?

Since the revelation of Japanese scientists, where they blamed the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for having sold millions of vaccines that do not protect what they mentioned, more and more news came out pointing out that these same vaccines caused heart attacks and respiratory problems in the future. However, not all countries have stopped applying the “protections”, but other types of options have been used and others have returned to the use of masks, in this case the United Kingdom preferred to stop the vaccination of healthy people.

Call is Made to Stop Vaccination in South Africa

Doctor Aseem Malhotra is a British cardiologist and activist who posted today about:
– “South Africa calls for the suspension of Covid 19 vaccines due to safety concerns reaching the main news. “Let’s stop screwing people.” We know that the pharmaceutical industry has a long history of criminal behavior. We are here to protect the public.”

Context: The Covid 19 vaccines, which supposedly should protect us a certain percentage so as not to suffer from this disease, do not even cover 50%, but they do cause respiratory problems, as confirmed by many scientists and researchers on the subject. In the “ENCA” program, which is broadcast from South Africa, it is shown how the main doctors have rivaled the pharmaceutical companies, also calling them criminals for wanting to take advantage of a harm caused to other people and for this reason they prefer that people not get vaccinated until have more knowledge of secondary damage.

The Story Behind The Covid 19 Vaccines

James Cintolo is a British doctor and nutritionist, who yesterday posted a video approaching:
– “I participated in the AstraZeneca (LON:AZN) COVID vaccine clinical trial and now suffer from a severe form of debilitating neuropathy that will progress until I need to be placed in a nursing home.”

The warrior person who appeared in the video mentioned that she was a healthy mother of two young children and was a primary school teacher before volunteering to test the AstraZeneca vaccine, since at that time the topic of Covid was very sensitive. The sad thing about this issue is that the still young mother suffers from neuropathy (pain, numbness, muscle weakness) and the pharmacist has not taken care of anything, what’s more, there is a group of people who support her and who were among the volunteers to have the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but they also do not have a backup of the collateral damage they have presented.

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