Why Meghan and Harry’s relationship will never be the same post lockdown

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry’s relationship has drastically changed during the lockdown, and it seems the couple has grown stronger than ever in isolation.

Harry and Meghan moved from Vancouver Island to Los Angeles just as the coronavirus lockdown really went into effect. Prince Harry made it back to his wife and son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor just in time after wrapping up his final royal engagement. Now, three months in, A source has spoken out about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship has changed while they’ve been socially distanced in their home with their one-year-old son Archie.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that it hasn’t been easy for Harry and Meghan to be socially isolated after leaving the UK.

However, despite the couple not being able to see family and friends the way they used to, the source said that their own relationship is the best it has ever been.

“Their relationship is stronger than ever,” the source said, explaining that its really been a blessing for the couple to not have so many distractions and commitments.

That source admitted that one of Meghan and Harry’s happiest times was when they first went to Canada during their break from royal duties and were able to spend time with friends, go hiking, and play with Archie outside without anyone knowing they were there.

The Duke and Duchess now remain focused on the launch of their non-profit Archewell later this year, in addition to taking care of their son.

Friends of Harry and Meghan have previously said that quarantine has generally been a “happy and love-filled time” for them and Archie.

However, like many others, it has been difficult for the couple to go so long without family or friends.

They said: “Its a bit ironic because one of the things that was making Meghan unhappy about living in the UK was that she felt isolated and she missed her friends,” the source said.

“But now shes back in the US, which is what she wanted, but is isolated and cant see her friends.”

The Duchess was able to see her mom Doria Ragland, who also lives in LA, on Mother’s Day with Prince Harry and Archie.

However, large social gatherings are still discouraged.

California is currently recommending that people stay connected with friends and loved ones through phone and video calls.

“Visiting family and friends outside your household still presents a risk of spreading coronavirus,” the state wrote on its COVID-19 site.

“Keeping distance from others is especially important for people that are at higher risk of getting very sick, including older people, and people of any age who have underlying medical conditions.”

The couple made the decision to stand down as senior members of the Royal Family and move to LA in January.

However, Harry once had plans to be King according to one source.

From an early age, Harry’s brother Prince William always knew he was going to be king.

Diana was adamant about giving William and Harry, normal childhood experiences, but the princes life has been anything but average.

It seems a young Prince William wasn’t so keen on becoming King.

In fact, Jeremy Paxman once revealed that the Prince would often tell his mother than he had no desire to step into the role.