A Guide To Midwife Salary & Benefits In The UK (2024 Updated)

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Midwives are an essential part of society in the UK. They are in high demand and doesn’t seem their popularity will go down anytime soon. The vacancy rates of midwives are a lot higher as compared to other professions. If you are planning to become a midwife, get ready to earn all the benefits. It is a solid career choice in the UK and you will have a wealth of job opportunities. You have the option to work in both the public and private sectors depending on your experience and skill. But how much does a midwife earn? Let’s find out more.

What Is The Average Salary For A Midwife?

The average salary for a Midwife is estimated to be £34,000 to £38,000 a year. However, this is a certain range that may change due to other factors. The majority of midwives are working in the NHS and the pay scale will be generally lower than usual. It also requires a lot of experience before you see an increase in payment.

 Interestingly third of midwives in the UK are above the age of 50. They are earning much more than newly qualified midwives in the UK. The average salary of a midwife in the private sector will be somewhere around the £35,000 mark. However, it may be challenging to find the exact figure in some cases.

If you are an entry-level midwife expect to earn an average of £27,100 gross per year. Being a mid-career midwife you can expect to earn £35,200. This will be possible only with 4-9 years of experience. The senior midwife who boasts 10-20 years’ experience can earn £44,500. If you are a midwife with more than 20 years of experience it will be easy to earn £48,800 on average.

How Much Does A Midwife Working at NHS Get Paid?

NHS salaries are arranged to keep in mind the transparent banding system. When the midwife is fully qualified they will start working at Band 5. This means they can have a starting salary of £27,055. Within each band, you will notice an increment in annual payments. If you are working at Band 5 it is possible to earn £32,934 due to increments.

When you have more experience in this field it will allow you to work in higher bands. The Band 6 role will start at around £33,706. While the most special Band 7 role will help you earn more than £40,000 a year. With a significant rise, it can move up to £50,000. However, you need to gain more experience and skills to earn it.

How Much Does A Midwife Working In the Private Sector Earn?

When it comes to the private sector, pay is not necessarily regulated. The average salary for a midwife working in the private sector will be £35,000. It is very much in line with the workers working at the NHS. However, the salary for a midwife working at a private hospital may be different. Usually, the benefits package is not as good as NHS. It is necessary to understand that the payments for private positions remain flexible and easy to negotiate. Whatever you want to earn will depend largely on your expertise and skill.

What Does The Future Look Like For Midwife Salary?

You will be surprised to know that labor shortages are becoming a hindrance in the Midwife sector. Other sectors have seen a similar shortage but the situation is still better. This job is challenging and only a few people can handle it fully. Since COVID-19 the situation is becoming even more intense. During this pandemic situation for a midwife has become much more difficult than a nurse. However, midwives continue to be hopeful for getting some bonuses or an increase in their salary. The only key to increasing salary is to learn more skills and have good experience. If you have a master’s degree it will be even better to get a better salary with a few years’ experience.

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What Is The Starting Salary Of A Midwife In The UK?

The highest salary for a midwife in the UK will be around £65,000 in one year. When it comes to Consultant Midwives or Band 8 Midwives they usually have the highest salaries. There are a lot of ways in which you can try to improve the pay scale. When you have achieved the status of a midwife the next step will be to become a ward manager or team leader.

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