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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Andrew James Bridgen is a Conservative Party politician and businessman. Since May 2010 he has been an active member of the Member of Parliament (MP). He is working diligently for the constituency of North West Leicestershire. Moreover, he is a prominent figure in the European Union who is supporting Brexit. If this isn’t enough he is a supporter of a Eurosceptic pressure group. He has been a prominent critic of Theresa when she was serving as the leader of the Conservative Party.

Bio & Early Life

Andrew Bridgen was born on 28th October 1964 in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. He got the chance to attend Netherseal Junior School and The Pingle School in Derbyshire. As he was a bright student he achieved very good grades at school. Later on, he went to study genetics and behavior at the University of Nottingham. He completed his degree in biological sciences with good grades.


After spending 25 successful years in the family business, Andrew Bridgen was elected to the constituency at Measham. He is a trained officer in the Royal Marines. During his time in the Parliament, he has been a good speaker. All his campaigns have been a great success and dealt with local and national issues in the Parliament.

Locally, he started a campaign for grant funding. This could easily bring the housing up to decent standards. Andrew managed to campaign for better transport infrastructure. Moreover, he worked to enhance employment sources in many ways.

In 2019, Andrew had an intense clash with Conservative MP Ken Clarke. They both are a part of the House of Commons and their dispute was over the nature of representative democracy. However, he submitted a letter of no confidence for Boris Johnson. He previously backed him during the leadership election.

The controversy of Poulter is another highlight in his career. Andrew made some false allegations against him but asked for forgiveness later. No female had reported him for inappropriate behavior though.

Personal Life: Who Is Andrew Bridgen Dating?

Andrew Bridgen was married to Nevena Bridgen but they broke up in 2017. He got married to Jacqueline Bridgen but they also parted ways in 2000. However, they have two sons together. Andrew has been a professional when it came to dealing with political matters. He has been a critic of the former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

Furthermore, he didn’t shy away from giving comments on the former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. In March 2018, he wanted John to resign and reported him to the parliamentary commissioner. John was continuously bullying the members of staff and was blocked by many MPs. During his political career, he is dealing with many complex issues with ease.

Family Legal Dispute

Andrew is involved in a long legal battle against his family. They have a vegetable business but the firm treated him unfairly and asked him to go out. However, the business firm claims he has failed to pay the rent of £1.5 million property. In the end, he lost the case but stated: “in actuality, I won the case and my brother will be compelled by the Court in due course to repay considerable sums of money to the businesses”. He further added:’’ If courts always got everything correct the first time there would be no need for appeal mechanisms”.

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As there was a serious injury to a constituent in 2011, Andrew called for legislation immediately. He made sure that they had reliable medical insurance. Moreover, he talked about the risk of head injuries. The list of his prominent works is plenty. Being an active supporter of reform of the pub industry, he brought a lot of changes.

Soon after he introduced a Market rent option for the tenants. Andrew is a big supporter of the “Fair Deal for Your Local” campaign. If this isn’t enough he has supported various calls for the reform of the NHS. In 2011, he openly attacked the critics of Andrew Lansley.

What Is The Net Worth Of Andrew Bridgen?

Andrew Bridgen is one of the most influential politicians in recent times. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Due to his hard work, talent, and valuable strategies, he has become a top politician. Many people look up to him as a source of inspiration. It is not surprising that his annual salary is over $1.5 million. Andrew looks appealing and has a height of 1.73m. The total net worth of Andrew Bridgen will grow even more in future.

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