Angela: Mr Johnson the “naughty boyfriend”, Sir Keir “the stable one”

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner described Boris Johnson as a “edgy, naughty boyfriend” in an interview, admitting that Sir Keir Starmer is not as “racy” as the Prime Minister.

She compares Mr Johnson to a “puppy” when he flirts with her and flatters her during PMQs.  She agrees that he is authentic, even if he’s “just an authentic liar.”

In a lengthy article in the New Statesman magazine, his deputy argues that the Labour leader is “steady” and “a grown up,” but that he “over-prepares” for PMQs.

Ms Rayner’s assessment of two major party leaders’ character and personalities comes as she discusses she hopes to become a Cabinet minister and praises Gordon Brown and Tony Blair’s regimes.

“We’ve gotten to the stage where it’s a question of, do you want the edgy, naughty boyfriend, but in the long run, he’s toxic?” she adds when asked how long Mr Johnson has left in Downing Street.

“Or do you like the steady one who says, ‘I’m not going to be as racy as that, but I’ll give you a family and nurture you?’

“As a nation, we must make a decision.” Do we want a grown up or someone who will hurl you into a racing car and thrill you to near-exhaustion and death?

“One of the things the Conservatives dread about me is that I speak it how I see it, and that’s why the public trusted Johnson,” she says, comparing herself to the Prime Minister.

“You may not agree with what I say, but you can be assured that everything I say is genuine, and people value authenticity.” Johnson seemed to be giving them that impression.

“What they’re realising now is that he is authentic – just an authentic liar.”

“You can’t beat a puppy, so he has to congratulate me in a backhanded way,” Ms Rayner said of her personal battles with the PM across the despatch box during PMQs.

“That’s why he speaks in fluff words that he picked up at school.” Keir, on the other hand, over-prepares. He’d never do something on the spur of the moment.”

Keir does not let incidents like that affect him, He’s got a tremendous sense of moral obligation, Ms Rayner said adding that Sir Keir’s attitude to being swarmed by a crowd screaming Jimmy Savile obscenities outside Parliament. In that regard, he can’t be shaken.

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn had a completely different relationship, she says of her own friendship with Sir Keir, despite his attempts to demote her after last year’s May elections.

She is convinced that Sir Keir would make an excellent prime minister. He holds the highest regard for her in her position. She went on to say that Sir Keir had never made her feel patronised.

Ashton Perry

Ashton Perry is a former Birmingham BSc graduate professional with six years critical writing experience. With specilisations in journalism focussed writing on climate change, politics, buisness and other news. A passionate supporter of environmentalism and media freedom, Ashton works to provide everyone with unbiased news.