Are Butterfly Knives Illegal In The UK? Laws For Carrying Them

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – The UK is proud of being in the knife safe -zone. The law allows you to carry around a certain size and type of knife. However, you need to have pure and good intent for carrying a butterfly knife. For example, you can carry a Swiss army knife especially when you are using it in a TV show. You can carry a butterfly knife as a friendly gesture and must not mean any harm. There are still some strict rules for butterfly knives that you must abide by. What are the laws surrounding the right to carry a butterfly that is used for training? Let’s take a look at more details below.

What Is The Difference Between Possessing And Carrying A Butterfly Knives?

If you plan to use a butterfly knife it is necessary to know the legalities of carrying it. There is a big difference between carrying a possessing a butterfly knife. Many popular shows use a butterfly knife for filming purposes. UK law allows you to do that without any fines or penalties. User is allowed to carry a knife in their pocket or keep it in their personal space.

You cannot intend to harm anyone with the use of this butterfly knife. It may seem challenging to carry a butterfly knife on public transport or to a football game. When you move into such public places you may be thoroughly checked by the police. There are many knife-free zones and you cannot take your product there.

Regardless of all these rules, you must make your intention clear that the knife is not a means of harm to anyone. If you are carrying a knife where you can get accused of harmful intent, and you will have to pay a fine. The evidence can go against you sometimes which can create even more trouble. If you are keeping a collection of knives or a survival knife things will be different. In some cases, you may be allowed to possess a knife but not carry it along. This is the case for a butterfly knife.

Am I Allowed To Import A Butterfly Knife?

No matter what type of knife you are importing you are at risk of getting it seized. If you are entering the UK you need to follow the right rules regarding the butterfly knife. A butterfly knife is one of many types of knives that you can carry under a few conditions. The police have every right to prosecute regardless of what knife you are trying to import.

For butterfly knives, it is illegal to import them into the UK. If you are caught importing this product it can lead to severe punishments. If you wish to purchase one of these knives in the UK, carrying them wisely is the best solution. You can check for the rules and regulations that are related to the use and carrying of such knives.

It is illegal to hire, rent out or give a butterfly knife under the Criminal Justice Act 1988. This rule was based on the Offensive Weapon Act 1996. The laws on butterfly knives have been the same in the UK for over the years. If the knife that you are importing is over 100 years it will fall under the protection of an antique.

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What Are The Laws For Carrying A Butterfly Knife?

Butterfly knives are more like any other knife when it comes to legal issues in court. However, this type of knife isn’t very sharp. If you are carrying this knife it cannot damage something or let the other person get injury. When you have unintentionally hurt someone, even then you are in trouble. Unlike a pocket knife, it may seem difficult to justify yourself for carrying a butterfly knife. This knife is typically used for martial arts and as training equipment. If you want to carry out such training activities it is still necessary to abide by the laws.

 As you are sharing your butterfly knife with someone else it is necessary to carefully observe the situation. It is still deemed as a dangerous knife as compared to others. If you are threatening someone with a butterfly knife, the UK law will be quite strict. Even if it is an empty threat and you don’t want to harm others, it will still be considered a crime. A butterfly knife is seen as an offensive weapon in all cases. It is best not to carry such knife with you anywhere.

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