Are Knuckle Dusters Illegal In the UK?

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – It is an offense to possess knuckle dusters in the UK. Even if you are throwing stars and zombie knives privately it is still prohibited for use. The police always remind people of the dangers and offenses everyone may have while carrying these weapons. As the new legislation comes into effect it is necessary to know that knuckle dusters are illegal for use. These changes are brought about by the Offensive weapons act 2019.

 You cannot possess certain items that include knuckledusters, throwing stars, and zombie knives. Other important sections of this act will come into effect with an updated version. According to that flick, knives will have to go through a major design change. They may even plan to ban private possession of flick and gravity knives both.

Why Are Knuckle Dusters Illegal?

In England and Wales, you cannot use knuckle dusters even for private use. Most importantly you cannot possess them if you are in a public place, school, or prison. If you have such weapons in possession it can lead to a lot of trouble. New changes are applied when it comes to the possessions of these weapons. However, they will come into full force later in the year.

The government is planning to take control of these weapons that are sold online. The delivery companies will be held responsible if they don’t follow the right rules. They must verify the product at the delivery stage and cancel it immediately. It is hoped that the changes in the system will lead to a reduction in the sales of knuckle dusters.

Devon and Cornwall have a high crime rate of 32% per 100,000 population. The police force is hoping to keep the crime rate lower than usual. If you carry a knuckle duster or a knife you have to face a maximum penalty of four years in prison. You may get an unlimited fine or have to spend more time in prison. There is no excuse when it comes to possession of these weapons that are harmful to the general public.

Local Laws For Purchasing Knuckle Dusters

Before you start purchasing Knuckle dusters you need to check the local laws immediately. If you already have these weapons, researching the laws will help you understand everything. The UK doesn’t allow people to carry or purchase Knuckle Dusters. If you carry any harmful weapon police have the right to confiscate it any time they want. Whether the knuckle is made of brass, metal, or plastic, you cannot use it all.

Many soldiers from ancient Rome used a lot of weapons during war. All the online stores that advertise the use and purchase of these weapons may get a fine as well. The government is taking serious action against the use and purchase of these products. If you believe that someone is using knuckle dusters privately, it is recommended to call the police. When there are plenty of unwanted knuckle dusters it is best to dispose of them off quickly.

Are Knuckle Dusters Illegal In The UK?

Knuckle dusters are one of many weapons that are illegal in the UK. They are banned but you can easily manufacture them at home. It is easier to look for a substitute for this common item. However, such weapons are banned in the UK as they can lead to personal harm. They are very dangerous for others who are around you. Some people like to keep illegal weapons for self-defense. However, even in the case of self-defense, you are prohibited to use knuckle dusters.

These weapons are commonly used by people during the war. Whether you put a knuckle duster in your pocket or somewhere else it is considered illegal. Moreover, if you are keeping it as an ornament in the house it is once again illegal.  Knuckle dusters don’t have any purpose instead than causing harm to people.

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Are You Allowed To Own Knuckle Dusters If Intention Is Display?

In any case possession of Knuckle dusters are not legal. The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 has prohibited people from using or possessing it. If you are caught red-handed you may have to face big fines and imprisonment. According to the Criminal Justice Act 1988, all offensive weapons must remain away from everyone. 

Knuckle busters are made of metal and other hard materials. If you wear one or more of them on your fingers it can cause an injury. Even if there is a weapon that incorporates a knuckle buster, you are not allowed to keep it with yourself. You can display an antique firearm if you wish.

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