Best Jobs For ADHD Females To Make A Good Career

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – In the USA almost 4.4% of adults are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is a neurodevelopment disorder and will affect the behavioral pattern. Moreover, it will become difficult for the person to perform their daily tasks. ADHD will mostly begin at a very early age but the symptoms worse as you become an adult. This disorder has become the most common among college students. Even if you have ADHD it doesn’t mean you cannot start your career. All you need is to choose the right jobs at the right time.

Suitable Jobs for ADHD Females

Do you have ADHD and you are looking for a job? Here is a list of the best jobs for females with ADHD:

1. Social Worker

The social worker is one of the best jobs for females with ADHD. If you are willing to help others it can certainly help you build a good career. You will be surprised to know that the energy levels of a person with ADHD are very high compared to others. It can be good if you can participate in volunteer work and NGOs. The kind of passion that a person with ADHD has will help them take care of such activities. If this isn’t enough you can explore topics on child welfare and mental health along with politics.

2. Police officer

While working as a police officer, a female with ADHD will have the best environment. If you are fast-paced and have a lot of energy it will be easy to take care of all the duties. A person with ADHD can fulfill these intense duties without any problem. As such females have high motivational and attentional needs which help them serve well as police officers. The departments that cover crimes and problem-solving skills are the best choices. You don’t need to fulfill any special requirements to take up this role.

3. Lawyer

If you want to try out a high-paying career for ADHD, become a lawyer. You can easily solve bureaucratic issues and other formats. Additionally, problem-solving skills will work best in this field. All you need is to practice harder and become a lawyer. You will have to earn a graduate degree and excel in the bar exams. The next step will be to get a proper license and start working. When a female with ADHD is ready to become a lawyer, they have to invest a lot of years in studying law.

4. Artist

Females with ADHD are full of creativity and passion. This is why being an artist will be a suitable field for them. You achieve comfort and luxury while painting different things. Many people with ADHD turn out to be talented artists. They have a different way of looking at the world. While their passion may go to another level while drawing a portrait. Such people can also try their hands at fashion, music, or films. As females with ADHD are introverts, they can set up the perfect environment before working.

5. Doctor

Being a doctor isn’t an easy task, but for females with ADHD, things can become better. You need to have passion and the ability to treat various patients. As the working environment for a doctor is normally fast-paced, you need to fit in. This job requires hard work to face many challenges but ADHD people can do it all. However, you need to invest a lot of time in studying as only then things will turn in your favor. Passion is something that is required to study medicine.

6. Journalist

Journalism is an exciting and rewarding profession for females with ADHD. All the writers and reports need to cope well with the daily challenges. They may have to investigate a variety of topics and interact with various people. As their working style keeps changing due to different factors, they need to act fast. Journalism usually requires critical and logical thinking. If you are passionate to present an interesting story, try working as a journalist. Moreover, being a journalist you can earn around $34,750 annually.

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7. Chef

Another interesting job option for females with ADHD is becoming a chef. You can explore plenty of career options in the culinary arts. As this profession demands high energy levels a person with ADHD can deal with it perfectly. You don’t need to invest your time in long-term planning or thinking. All you need is to look for delicious recipes and make interesting dishes for people.

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.