Best Part Time Jobs For Students In The UK

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – The UK has become an attractive destination for international students. Many top-quality universities offer a good studying environment. The availability of a two-year post-study work visa is attract international students more than ever. As the living expenses are costly, many students like to work part-time during the school semester.

They can chase their post-graduate dreams by earning a good amount of money. There is no doubt this extra money can help them handle their daily expenses with ease. Moreover, they can save some hard-earned money for future endeavors. Working part-time offers a lot of benefits. Being an international student you can know more about the local culture and make good friends.

Best Paid Part-Time Jobs For Students            

Are you studying in the UK and want to know the best tips for earning money? As a student, you will like to earn a good amount of salary in your free time. It will help you fulfill your future goals and enjoy a good standard of living. Let’s check out the best-paid part time jobs:

1. Server

Are you an extrovert? If so, you will like to work as a server? Whether you work at a café inside the campus or a restaurant outside it, there are many good options. The traditional British pubs are one of the best when it comes to getting a server job. You will be delighted to know that the job options around the UK are plenty. If English is your second language things will become easier than before.

The UK offers a fast-paced environment and it will help you fit into the culture in the right manner. Along with your wage, you will feel lucky to get some tips. However, if you give good customer service, expect to get tips. Tipping is common among customers. Being a server you can earn £9 per hour.  

2. Teaching Assistant 

All the bright students are in for a great surprise. If you have the qualities and skills to become a teaching assistant why not try it out? Being a teaching assistant you can earn £9.85 an hour on average. You get a chance to help the teacher with lectures and offer feedback to the students. It is one of the best ideas to gain some experience that becomes fruitful in future endeavors. This part-time job option is available for graduate or postgraduate students. However, sometimes these positions are available for undergrad students too. They have the option to assist lower-grade students.

3. Tutor  

If you are planning to become a tutor it will be easy to earn £24.50 per hour in the UK. It is one of those job choices that can make a big impact on your life. When you are a great fit for tutoring nothing can be better. You have the option to work with children, teenagers, and university students. Sometimes children will special needs also require a good tutor. There are a few workplaces that may ask you to have a degree in the subject that you will teach. The best thing is that tutoring is one of the highly paid part-time jobs. You will receive a big fat paycheck for your hard work.

4. Dog Walker

Are you ready to become a dog walker? Does this idea sound unique? If you are a pet lover yourself taking up this job will mean no harm. You can take someone’s dog for a walk and entertain yourself to the fullest. It will help you earn £11.03 in an hour. Are you feeling stressed out by studying all the time? You don’t have to be when there is a furry friend right beside you. Being around a dog can lower stress hormones and make you feel happy. What job can be better than being a dog walker as it kills your loneliness? Moreover, you are paid well for performing this duty.

5. Retail Worker  

Will you like to work as a retail worker? Taking up this job will help you earn around £9.34 an hour. There are plenty of retail positions in the UK and you can try whatever seems suitable for you. During November and December, many customers rush to retail stores. If you can serve a lot of them it will bring a good amount of cash for you. Whether you work at the bookstore, pet, or clothing store, there is something for everyone. All you need is some good conversational skills and you are perfect to go. You may find it easy to earn a commission on the number of products you sell in one day.

6. Translator

If you speak two different languages it can make you an attractive person in the UK. Are you ready to become a translator? You can expect to earn £12.58 per hour on average. It will be easy to excel as a candidate in the job market if you have the best skills to offer. International students can try translating articles and research the notes for others. All you need is sharp communication skills and a big company may hire you the next day.  

7. Hotel Receptionist

If you are one of those people who like to interact with new people every day try becoming a hotel receptionist. As a result, you can make £8.97 per hour. Getting a job in the hotel industry is not only entertaining but the salary is quite good too. You need to practice your speaking skills as dealing with customers will be your responsibility. It is a perfect part-time job for international students who want to save some bucks.

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8. Barista

Are you a coffee lover? Or do you wake up in the morning with the smell of coffee? If so, then becoming a barista is your perfect job. This will help you earn around £8.72 in an hour. By working as a barista you can get a good experience of making delicious drinks. The best part is that you can make café style coffee at home and save a good amount of money. You don’t need to have previous experience for taking this job.

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.