Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries To Make A Good Career

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Basic industries are a strong foundation in any economy. This industry is responsible for producing goods and services. These sectors happen to be more labor intensive as compared to other sectors. Moreover, they have a high-profit margin due to low manufacturing costs. Basic industries are responsible for supplying raw materials to the gas, coal, and wood industries.

 There are plenty of job opportunities for the employees. However, the best-paying jobs happen to be in the agricultural, energy, and mining sector. If you want to take up a good job in the basic industries there are many good options available. 

6 Best Paying Jobs in the Basic Industries

Are you interested in getting a job in the basic industries? There is no doubt you can earn a good amount of salary while working in this field. However, the pay scale will depend on your experience, skill, and age. A new worker may not be able to earn as much as a professional. As the basic industries are always look for labor, the job opportunities will never be limited. Here is a list of best-paying jobs that you can try:

1. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers can earn a good salary of $135,000. They are responsible for drilling and extracting petroleum from the ground. These experts will explore geology and geography to get oils and other materials diligently. These resources can be extracted from the ground. While it is easy to transport them by ship to the refinery. Being a petroleum engineer you have to come up with timely solutions to various issues. They may have to apply a combination of science and mathematics for technical issues. They must produce natural gas and crude oil.

2. Health & Safety Officer

You can work as a health and safety officer and earn a good amount of $108,836. These experts ensure that all the essential industries are running safely and smoothly. They need to administer regulations on how the equipment is used on daily basis. Whether it is the forklifts and cranes, they ensure the operators have the right skills to operate them. Health and safety officers have to keep in mind the safety of the workers working at a particular site. Moreover, they have to monitor for hazards and deal with the issues if someone gets injured.

3. Agricultural Chemists

Agricultural chemists are responsible for studying the growth of different organisms. However, their work is more restricted to laboratory settings. As they are exposed to many chemicals it becomes difficult to keep themselves safe. Being an efficient agricultural chemist you can easily earn $41,110 to $125,450. They must investigate which chemicals are required to improve the growth of crops. When the environmental damage is reduced it can improve the growth of crops. Therefore it also improves the resistance against pests.

4. Mining and Geological Engineers

Mining and geological workers work in the primary industry sector. They can easily earn up to $97,090 which is quite good. The mining and geological engineers have to work in various industries such as coal mining and gas extraction. While taking care of the mining support activities is one of the most important tasks for them. Whether it is the planning, designing, or construction, they can deal with it all efficiently. Moreover, they have to deal with routine maintenance for the infrastructure and other such industries.

5. Business Development Engineer

Are you planning to become a business development manager? You can expect a good salary of $90,865. However, a lot will depend on your age, skill, and experience. As a business development engineer, you have to find opportunities and develop new market techniques. They must ensure that the corporation achieves its goals at a specific deadline. Whether it is building up the relationship with business partners or vendors, they have to deal with everything. Business development engineering offers the perfect platform for a connection between employees and businesses.

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6. Pipefitter

Professional pipefitters can earn between $46,512 and $72,858. They have to work in industrial and commercial setups. However, this work requires a lot of hard work and strength. They must win the trust of their clients and give them quality service. If they can produce a quality product at the right time, their demand will gradually increase. 

Additionally, the pipefitters are professionally trained to maintain, install and repair boilers, tanks, and various pumps. They also distribute the right amount of gas and oil to various sectors. With a little experience your salary will see a significant increase. 

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