Boris Johnson Discusses Ukraine, Crimea, and Global Implications in an Interview

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London (Parliament Politics Maganize) – Boris Johnson Reflects on Ukraine and Crimea in Exclusive Interview, Highlighting Global Repercussions and Shifting Perceptions

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in Kyiv, Ukraine. Boris Johnson was interviewed by European Pravda on the sidelines of the conference on 24 Feb 2024, at the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war. 

In the interview, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the evolving dynamics surrounding Ukraine and Crimea and the broader global ramifications. Johnson recalled the shifting perceptions regarding Ukraine’s resilience and the changing stance of Western leaders.

He believed the initial skepticism among European and world leaders about Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russian aggression. However, Johnson highlighted Ukraine’s remarkable success in repulsing Russian forces, particularly citing the Battle of Kyiv and the expulsion of Putin’s troops from significant territories.

Johnson also emphasized the pivotal role of the Ukrainian armed forces’ heroism and the Ukrainian people’s relentless determination. He noted a noticeable shift in Western attitudes, with growing support for Ukraine’s cause and increasing optimism about its prospects for victory.

Regarding Crimea, Johnson reported a significant change in perspectives. He stated, “While previously, many believed that Putin would never relinquish Crimea, there is now a growing acknowledgment of the possibility of its return to Ukraine.” Johnson attributed this shift to Ukraine’s stability, Western support, and the vulnerabilities evident in Russian-held territories.

During the interview, Johnson also discussed geopolitical implications, acknowledging the interconnected nature of conflicts worldwide. He repeated sentiments, likening the current state of affairs to a new type of world war, albeit with different dynamics and implications.

Johnson expressed concerns about Putin’s ambitions and the potential for further aggression, including the possibility of attacks on NATO countries. He underscored the importance of preventing Putin from achieving success in Ukraine. Johnson emphasized strategic and moral imperatives for supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.

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Mr. Johnson has deeply discussed the complexity of the ongoing crisis and the broader geopolitical landscape. Johnson’s remarks highlighted the significance of Ukraine’s struggle not only for its future but also for global stability and the principles of democracy and sovereignty.

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