Boris Johnson Faces Condemnation from UK Parliament in Damning Report

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) –Boris Johnson quit Britain’s Parliament abruptly ten days ago. Some of his former colleagues have delivered a stinging rebuke against the former prime minister. It has been overwhelmingly ratified as a new report has concluded that he has deliberately misled lawmakers regarding the lockdown-breaking parties. They were held in Downing Street during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

 Mr. Johnson resigned his parliamentary seat on June 9 after he saw the early draft of the findings of some investigation that was carried out a year ago. Boris angrily dismissed the committee and used the term “kangaroo court,” for them. Even though a majority of its members came from his party, none of them took his side on this stance.

UK Parliament Issues Scathing Report on Boris Johnson’s Leadership

The committee has proposed to revoke the parliamentary pass made by Boris Johnson. His leadership has been questioned and the committee members have stated that if he had not already quit, they would have recommended his 90-day suspension from the Parliament.

 It is a practical matter, and acceptance of the report by the Commons could have a limited effect on Mr. Johnson. He has left his pass and this could mean that must be accompanied by another member for entering the Parliament’s buildings. A scathing report has been all over the UK media and has been questioning his efforts as a President in the past years.

UK Parliament Delivers Crushing Blow to Boris Johnson in Report 

The UK parliament has delivered a crushing blow to the former Prime Minister of the UK. Boris Johnson has a thunderous repudiation in the Parliament as he has played an important role in regulating the decisions made in the parliament. Mr. Johnson might not be joined by his former peers anymore as they will now be focusing on maintaining their position under the new government.

There has been a persistent focus on the fallout of the scandal. It has been a political headache for Mr. Sunak in recent times as well. He will now be facing several difficult tests as his government’s popularity is under question already. The recent elections that were held to replace Mr. Johnson and some other colleagues in the constituencies that will be represented.

One of the most prominent allies of Mr. Johnson, Nigel Adams resigned very recently. He fails to secure a seat in the House of Lords. The second person who is in the same situation is Nadine Dorries. She has announced to quit but has not done it yet. Another Conservative Lawmaker, David Warburton stepped down from his position.

It was due to allegations of sexual misconduct and other controversies. David also revealed that he didn’t get a chance to have a fair hearing by the parliament. The watchdog is looking for claims against him while he has no way to prove his point. 

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UK Parliament Calls for Boris Johnson’s Accountability

Among the 650 members of the House of Commons, many Conservative lawmakers refused to take part in the voting. They believe in remaining loyal to Mr. Johnson no matter what the situation looks like for now. However, only a handful are speaking on behalf of Mr. Johnson.

The police have decided to review the controversial videos that involved policy lawmakers. These newly published videos are obtained by the Daily Mirror. Shockingly, the video shows the Conservative Party Campaign team dancing and drinking at the Christmas party. During that time all the pandemic restrictions were in force.Surprisingly, around two dozen of the lawmakers were at the party.

Earlier too, the police got some evidence but failed to prove their point to a certain level. After a heated argument among the lawmakers, the voting data for Mr. Johnson reveals no support coming for him. All the indications are proving to be beneficial for the critics.

The controversial video that is submitted to the police also includes Shaun Bailey. Due to various reasons, he failed to campaign successfully and become the Mayor of London. Earlier he was nominated by Mr. Johnson for the elevation to House of Lords. When it comes to the video, Mr. Bailey left quite early from the party. During the same time, Ben Mallet makes an appearance though. However, the opposition politicians have called to deprive both of their honours.

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