Boris Johnson warns Tories against underestimating Starmer ahead of elections

Boris Johnson warns Tories against underestimating Starmer ahead of elections (1)
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Former PM Boris Johnson expresses people consider Labour leader ‘as you might look at a dish of limp lettuce’

What strategy does Johnson advise against in elections?

Boris Johnson has advised “fed up” Tories not to attempt handing Sir Keir Starmer the legends to No 10 despite the particular they cannot stand his policies. The former prime minister expressed many voters viewed the Labour leader with the exact enthusiasm “as you might look at a dish of limp lettuce”.

He added there was “still time between now and Thursday for the country to swerve from the cliff edge” if voters “collectively arrive to [their] senses”. Mr Johnson admitted that there was widespread indifference towards the Conservatives but advised people not to turn to Reform in response. Penning in his column for the Daily Mail, he cautioned that Britain was on the brink of “a Left-wing socialist superiority that lasts for a decade or more”.

Is Starmer’s low approval rating a threat to Labour?

“Starmer’s approval ratings are shockingly low – the lower ever for an Opposition leader on the verge of entering Downing Street, let alone of a success on the scale currently predicted,” the former prime minister stated. “The people regard him with apathy, with resignation, as you might look at a dish of limp lettuce. You have to question yourself why. People don’t want him, or his agenda – or certainly not in the way they actively wanted Tony Blair.”

How does Johnson critique Starmer’s policies on migration?

In a symbol of thawing relations with Rishi Sunak, he also commended the Prime Minister’s performance in this week’s BBC argument against Sir Keir. He stated that Mr Sunak had “showed what he can do and on any fair lesson he won” by picking apart Sir Keir’s procedures on illegal migration.  Mr Johnson expressed the Labour leader had no plan to stop the boats and would “junk” the Rwanda scheme just as it is starting to work as a deterrent.

He also cautioned that Sir Keir wants to take Britain back into the EU’s Single Market “like a whipped cur, even if it means free movement”. But the former prime minister expressed that the “biggest single reason why people are rightly considering Starmer with such hesitation” was because of the economy.

Why does Johnson warn against a Left-wing surge?

Mr Johnson cautioned disaffected Tory voters that “the more you drill into Starmerism, the more Left-wing and difficult it turns out to be”. He added: “That is why Starmer is so oddly unloved, for a man on the brink of triumph. It is not just that Starmer lacks Blair’s charm– he lacks the broad appeal of Blair’s policies.

“Let’s encounter it, the only reason Starmer is (allegedly) regarding getting such a landslide is that so many Tory voters are fed up, and training to stay at home or vote for other parties like Reform – even if they turn out to be Putin’s pet wannabes. “It would be a huge error. It is by no means too late to weave the steering wheel in the direction of ordinary sense, avert Starmergeddon, and contain this country from going in completely the wrong direction.”

A YouGov poll earlier this month revealed that Sir Keir has a net minus 12 favourability rating, with 39 per cent of voters regarding him thoroughly and 51 per cent negatively. Mr Sunak is far more undesirable with the electorate, however, on minus 51, with just 21 per cent witnessing him admiringly and 72 per cent considering him unfavourably.

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