Brits Facing A Winter Crisis As Electricity Cap Rises

Mansfield, Nottingham 29th December 2020 NHS EMAS Mansfield East Midlands NHS paramedic Ambulance Service 999 emergency response with blue lights during severe weather, Heavy snowfall on icy road with amber alert for snow covering the Midlands.

On the 6th of August, Ofgem’s latest price cap was announced and now millions of Brits face not only a soaring rise in electricity bills but ultimately a winter crisis. The cap is put in place in order to limit the price a supplier can charge per unit of electricity and gas. The first price cap was set at £1,137 and has now increased by 12% to £1,277 a year. Naturally, the more electricity and gas a household uses, the higher the bill will be. However, with winter coming and reports projecting the 2021-22 winter to be dubbed the “season of shivers” and potentially the longest and coldest seen in years, households may have to be spending more to stay warm.

The ‘you will FREEZE” threat coming out of Russia was sent to all of Europe as, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial, Moscow has been crowned the complete controller of Europe. Vladimir Zhabarov, Russia’s upper house member, stated “Nord Stream 2 could be operational as early as this year, otherwise Europe is going to freeze.”

The Nord Stream 2 is the name of the worlds most controversial gas pipeline sitting in the energy-rich coastal area of Lubmin, North Germany. This 1,200-kilometre pipeline from Vyborg Russia, through the Baltic Sea and into Lubmin, Germany bypasses Ukraine and Poland. It is declared to provide 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe every year. Despite being completed in September, it is waiting for regulatory approval from German authorities. Many European lawmakers are incredibly opposed to the deal and do not want it to go through, yet Russia claims that it would “help cool off the current (electricity) situation.”Yet countries are continuously worried about the increasing dependency on Russia for natural gas.

This current electricity situation is what is increasing prices internationally and is being felt by UK residents. The more the energy cap rises, the more energy suppliers can charge their customers. This cap review was due to the industry spiralling out of control. With rising energy priced and fixed cap prices for customers, suppliers struggling to cope or go under. Essentially, customers need to be charged more for these suppliers to stay alive.

Because of this electricity crisis, Ofgem has been said to review more frequently than its original twice a year. Issues will be continuously addressed and re-calculated to aid the industry and civilians as both are being heavily affected by it.

This, however, will not be the last of it. Ofgem chief executive, Jonathon Brearly, states “Although the gas price rise is unprecedented today, we will need to plan on the basis that shocks as this could happen again.”

While suppliers want the price cap budged in order to stay afloat. Kwasi Kwareng, Business Secretary, claims “The energy price cap protects millions of consumers” and will continue to work to protect civilians.


Kristina Sofia Innemee

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