BSF Enterprise’s 3D Bio-Tissues signs agreement to test Etsyl in cosmetics

BSF Enterprise PLC said on Friday that 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with a major cosmetics company to test its lipopeptide, Etsyl, for use in cosmetic skin creams.

BSF Enterprise is a biotechnology investor based in London. It owns 100% of 3D Bio-Tissues, a British company specializing in clinical and cellular agriculture.

According to BSF, the agreement will test the suitability of 3DBT’s patented lipopeptide product, Etsyl, for use in cosmetic skin cream solutions. Although the cosmetic company was not named, BSF said it specializes in the research and development of bioactive ingredients for skin care which, with proven effectiveness, can contribute to anti -age, hydration and acne control.

On Friday, BSF also announced to investors that 3DBT had recruited two new employees, after receiving a €612,000 grant from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in September. The new staff will focus on securing new sourcing, manufacturing and distribution partnerships in the food technology and biotechnology sectors.

“We are excited to work with one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, which highlights the potential of our Etsyl product and the diverse applications of our technology. Additionally, with an expanded team, we hope to enter into additional partnerships and selling our various products at an accelerated pace, and we look to the future with confidence,” said Che Connon, Managing Director of 3DBT and Managing Director of BSF.

BSF Enterprise shares were up 1.9% at 9.17 pence each in London on Friday morning.

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