Bucha Massacre: “Dogs Were Trying To Eat Them”

A communal worker cuts the rope of the corpse of a man in Buch
Credit: Sergei Supinsky / AFP

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – More than 300 dead bodies have been found in a Kyiv suburb called Bucha. In Bucha Massacre, some bodies have their hands bound, flesh burned while some have been shot in the back of the head. The discoveries of the dead bodies have drawn comparisons with the killings during World War II.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accused Russian troops of committing terrible crimes during the war. The United Nations Security Council has revealed the outrage and revulsion through the Western capitals. The incontrovertible evidence regarding the grisly civilian massacres occurring in Ukrainian areas that have been vacated recently by Russian forces.

The officials have counted the bodies of at least 410 civilians during the Bucha Ukraine massacre in the towns of Kyiv. The Russian and Ukrainian forces have battled since February 27. The invaders withdrew the evidence of the war crimes that began to emerge.

Bucha Massacre Similar To The Killings Of The First Battle Of Kyiv

The grimmest discoveries have been made in Bucha Ukraine. They located which is located about 25 km to the northwest of the capital, has an estimated population of around 36,000. More than 300 bodies were found in Zelenskyy. The Satellite images show that the streets are strewn with corpses. Many dead bodies are seen by journalists in the past couple of days. The Corpses have been found in a mass grave in a church compound.

The massacre in Bucha is similar to the killings in the First Battle of Kyiv. During the Second Battle of Kyiv, the occupied territory randomly murdered civilians in their homes and on the streets. The bodies were found lying in yards and gardens in Bucha. 

Russian Bucha Massacre has drawn the attention of reporters from around the world. The pictures of corpses wearing civilian clothes are clutched in the shopping bags. The ordinary citizens were murdered when they went out for their daily business.

The Residents have told the human rights team that the Russian soldiers went from door to door, and have been looting their possessions. Massacre in Bucha Ukraine is getting brutal with each passing day. The Russian armed vehicles have fired arbitrarily and have been attacking the buildings. 

According to the media report many brutal killings are happening in the towns of Ukraine. On March 4, The Russian forces in Bucha caught five men and executed one of them. A witness has told Human Rights that the soldiers forced the five men to kneel on the side of the road. They pulled their T-shirts over their heads and were seen shooting one of the men in the head. The man fell over according to the witness. The woman who was present on the scene screamed.

War Crimes In Ukraine 

War Crimes in Ukraine have been occurring on daily basis. The atrocities in Bucha have been revealed by the western media. These incidents have been compared to the world war incidents. The international community is standing against the war crimes but nothing has been working out as yet to stop these crimes. 

Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of various war crimes. They have alleged that the targeted civilians are suffering a lot. The Russian army has been bombing the maternity hospital in Mariupol. They also attacked the theatre that announced that they will be sheltering children. President Joe Biden has called President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”.

The Crime Of Genocide

Due to the Russia Ukraine War things are getting intense everywhere. The War crimes are mentioned as ‘Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. This agreement was signed after World War Two. It is based on the agreement signed after emphasis was laid down on the International Humanitarian Laws. When civilians are targeted due to an increase in war crimes it gets challenging to handle everything.

The International Criminal Court at The Hague will try to investigate this matter. They will look into the possible war crimes that Russia is handling. You will be surprised to know that this theory will target even Putin. However, it may seem difficult to handle the Russian Defendants to bring for a trial. Russia isn’t ready to recognize the ICC and may not cooperate with the investigation.

The United Nations Genocide Convection has defined it ‘The crime of Genocide’. December 1948 act includes ‘commitment with the intent that destroy a national, ethical or another religious group. Ukraine news is coming out from every corner and it seems to disappoint everyone.

Bucha Massacre: The World Cannot Be Silent Anymore

The mayor of Bucha has revealed at least hundreds of dead bodies have been found. The count may exceed even more. Genocide is more like a grave and serious crime that is put against humanity which is evident in Bucha’s photos.

In Bucha, they have already buried 280 photos in the graves. If this isn’t enough around 410 bodies of civilians are also removed from the area. The situation in the nearby areas Hostomel and Irpin and smaller villages is nearly the same. Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova revealed all these details on said on Sunday, April 3.

Civilians are giving their reactions to this incident. Most of them are shot by the Russian bullets. It becomes difficult for them to get food and other necessities. Some people have left their dark and cold houses because they don’t have electricity either.

International And Russian Reactions On This Massacre

Currently, Russia is denying all the possible accusations against them. According to Kremlin, the Bucha massacre is a well-directed but tragic show. It is more like a “monstrous forgery” that is to bring out Russia in a bad light.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has revealed what is happening in Bucha and other suburbs. Everyone will define Bucha Massacre as genocide. It seems civilians from other countries cannot digest the horror story in Bucha. According to President Zelenskyy, the action of the Russian military is no less than ‘genocide’. It is like the elimination of the whole nation and the people in general.

Some other experts are calling it “the destruction and extermination” of more than 100 nationalities living in Ukraine. Bucha Massacre photos are devastating and it is not good for those who have a weak heart. The western allies, EU Council, NATO, and UN Secretary-General from Ukraine have their recommendations.

They all are against this massacre in Bucha and working to bring strong sanctions against Russia and other countries that support them. Sweden has expelled dozens of diplomats from Russia. If we talk about the Swedish prosecutors they plan to open a preliminary investigation into these war crimes that happen in Ukraine.

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.