Chromecast with Google TV to gain thousands of new movies and shows, thanks to rival Apple

The Chromecast with Google TV is about to plug one of the biggest gaps in its app library. Yes, Google has confirmed that Apple TV will become available on the streaming dongle in early 2021.

Chromecast with Google TV was announced back in September and represents a dramatic shift for the Chromecast brand. Until now, these hugely-popular devices were designed to be controlled entirely from a smartphone or tablet, with streaming services like Netflix and All 4 incorporating the Cast button into their iOS and Android apps to beam the episode or movie onto the big screen. The Chromecast itself didn’t have a menu system, or any apps of its own – it relied entirely on users having access to other gadgets. Tabs from a Google Chrome web browser could also be shown on the telly – a nifty trick when trying to boost productivity while working from home.