Clever Ways To Afford Decent Standard of Living in London

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – You must have pondered upon how do people afford to live in London. London might be one of the most difficult cities in the world to live in. Being one of the top 20 most costly cities in the world, people on the lower end of the pay spectrum may find that the majority of their income is consumed by rent, with the remainder consumed by food, expenditures, and any indulgences they allow themselves. Keep reading to find out more!

Things To Consider To Afford Good living Standard in London

If you’ve recently relocated to London, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that the first issue that everyone has while living in London is finding a place to live. Houses in London are among the most costly in the country, and even living outside the city comes with significant commute costs.

1. Prices

Be careful of average accommodation prices—in London, a single room costs £400-£500, while a double costs £500-£900!

2. Finding the proper location

It’s a good idea to conduct a lot of study on London and its boroughs, to get an idea of the cooler and more expensive regions of London and avoid them—find locations with an average property price that you can afford and stick to those areas.

3. Choosing the right area 

It’s a good idea to conduct a significant amount of research on London and its boroughs, get an understanding of the cooler and more costly districts of London and avoid them- select locations with an average property price that you can afford and stick to them.

4. What to look for

Checking property websites and local newspapers is a good place to start.

5. Managing the landlord

When you locate one that appeals to you, go straight to the landlord—avoiding any agents who are only interested in your money—and always attempt to haggle, whether it’s persuading him to drop the rent if you do your gardening or trying if you can get two individuals in one room for less than two people.

6. Negotiations

Avoid being taken advantage of by pricey ‘cool’ locations, and always remember to bargain if you can double up in a single.

How to save up?

Following are a few options you can opt to save more and spend less:

1. Mystery shopper

To become a mystery diner is yet another excellent way to find cheap food- sign up with the Mystery Dining Company or Market Force and receive assignments to try out restaurants all over London- in addition to being compensated for the money being spent on the meal, but you will also receive a little extra for your trouble.

Among the finest ways to eat in London is to get free meals with a paycheque. You may also work as a secret shopper to make some additional money while completing your shopping.

2. Buses

Whilst bus can be sluggish, monotonous, and costly, using it in conjunction with an Oyster card can result in significant savings- given the daily ceiling on how much you can pay is £4.40, ride at a minimum of four times in a day and the rest is free!  

It is particularly advantageous for single trips because a single bus ticket costs £1.50. For people who need to commute from place to place daily but don’t have a bike or vehicle and despise the tube, the bus might be the ideal solution.

3. Library

Attending your local library allows you to rent any book you can find, as well as extremely cheap music and DVDs—a blessing for anyone living without web access in this day and age. You may sign up for a temporary two-month membership online, but a permanent registration can be obtained by just heading down to the local library with proof of address.   

For those trying to spend as little money as possible on entertainment, this is an almost limitless supply of new distractions—and you may learn anything really while you’re doing it!

4. Job

Gaining some money is what helps the most in a financial crisis, and there are hundreds of part-time or full-time employees waiting for you all across the city. Simply visit our fantastic job board and use it as you see fit to locate your dream job. Don’t forget to join up for our daily job notifications to have the freshest new positions delivered directly to your inbox.

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That was all for how do people afford to live in London. Make sure to follow the steps thoroughly to live a comparatively decent living standard in London with minimum transport costs as well as living. This particular act isn’t so hard. Hopefully you’re no longer ambiguous about this!

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.