Conservative Party’s chair: Boris Johnson ‘desperate’ to visit Ukraine

LONDON (Parliament Politics magazine ) – The PM has said that he is “desperate” to visit Ukraine and that he has a genuine emotional connection with the people of Ukraine, claims the chair of the Tory party. 

Johnson was said to want to visit Kyiv over the weekend, but No 10 sources said on Monday it was unlikely to happen.

Approximately 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the UN’s refugee agency, with millions more pushed from their homes remaining in the nation.

He believes the PM was desperate to visit Ukraine and has felt a real – as have the British people – a genuine emotional connection with the suffering of the people of Ukraine and a need for the west to unite in standing up to this threat from Russia that has been exposed to Ukraine,” Oliver Dowden, a minister without portfolio in the government, told Andrew Marr on LBC Radio on Monday evening.

And, for example, with the bazookas being shot in Ukraine right now, people are screaming ‘God Save the Queen,’ because they know it was the British who were driving that effort, he continued.

He thinks it’s both to see what is going on the ground – because it is very different talking to someone over the phone versus really seeing it in practise, and no decisions have been made in relation to this, but it is to really experience what is going on there, Dowden said when he was asked what the point of going in person would be. To the people who are currently on the ground. That, he believes, is extremely different than merely talking on the phone.

A commercial mall in Kyiv was attacked on Sunday, killing eight people. According to the most recent Ministry of Defence estimate, Russia’s assault on the capital has slowed due to determined Ukrainian opposition.

The majority of Moscow’s military are thought to be more than 15 kilometres from the city centre. Analysts believe that the capital will remain the Kremlin’s principal military target, albeit it is more likely that the Russians will try to encircle it rather than attack it directly.

Eleni Kyriakou

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