Domino’s launches new limited Meatball Marinara Pizza – here’s how to get it

Mouth-watering delicious and the perfect dinner treat, Domino’s pizzas are loved by the country. And now the pizza chain has just launched a brand-new addition, the Meatball Marinara.

With over 20 pizzas on the menu, Domino’s is one of the nation’s most popular restaurants.

The new Meatball Marinara is a tasty delight that’s sure to please foodies across the country.

It’s got a topping of pork meatballs, thinly sliced red onions and herbs.

All on a bed of fresh, hand-stretched dough, mozzarella cheese and the chain’s signature tomato sauce.

In January, Domino’s expanded its vegan-friendly range and added vegan chicken pizzas and chicken dippers.

The brand-new Meatball Marinara pizza will be available at over 1000 locations across the UK.

Perfect for a gathering with friends or family, be sure to get your hands on this treat.

Choose pizza sizes from 7 inches to 13.5 inches.

It’s only on the menu for a limited-time so hurry to place an order.

The pizza is available for £19.99.

To order, please click here or order through the Domino’s app.

Please note that prices may vary slightly from store to store.

In addition, Domino’s has just launched a new online deal.

Get half-price all pizzas when customers spend £20 or more online.

Use it to try the new Meatball Marinara pizza or get an old favourite.

To redeem, please visit hereT&Cs apply.

Since the pandemic has begun, Domino’s has implemented social distancing measures to make sure that all food is made safely.

All deliveries are contact-free and staff is trained in food safety and hygiene procedures.