Downing Street facing increasing pressure over sleaze scandals as Boris Johnson fails to attend emergency debate

Allegations of sleaze have plagued Downing Street this week as Boris Johnson attempts to bend the
rules yet again to protect Tory MPs.


The ongoing sleaze scandal is imposing an increasing amount of pressure on the Tories as mounting
claims throw the integrity of Boris Johnson’s government into question.


Discussions have resurfaced following the scandal surrounding former MP Owen Paterson who was
found to have been taking payment of upwards of £100,000 per year to lobby on behalf of two
specific companies, namely Randox and Lynn’s Country Foods.


Following his announcement that he would be stepping down after government efforts to protect
him from suspension failed, Paterson continued to meet with MPs and government officials,
sparking an uproar among fellow ministers.


Labour is leading the assault on the Tories following Boris Johnson’s failed attempt at rewriting the
rules in their favour, highlighting recent reports that wealthy benefactors could buy their way in to
the house of lords with a donation of £3 million or more.


Claiming the reports indicated a “cash for access culture”, the Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer
pushed for an emergency meeting this week to discuss the mounting sleaze scandal.


Prime minister Boris Johnson failed to attend however, claiming he had a longstanding appointment
in the north of England. Johnson’s spokesman told the public that the prime minister was in
Northumberland at the time, visiting a diagnostics centre.


Starmer has doubled down on his assault, claiming the prime minister is “running scared”, and that
he has given “a green light to corruption”.


Sir Keir Starmer took this a step further, proclaiming that “He’s not a serious leader and the joke isn’t
funny anymore.”


Discussions are ongoing among the Conservative party following the embarrassment of last week’s
failures, with some even bringing Johnson’s leadership into question. It remains to be seen whether
this doubt may result in a new party leader going into the next election.


The ongoing allegations of sleaze seem to be affecting the public’s opinion of the prime minister as
his personal poll ratings continue to slip.



Joel Nantel

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