East London Studios Unveil Major Renovations, Boosting Film and TV Sector

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has expressed his enthusiasm for the immense potential of the capital’s multi-billion-pound TV and film industry in supporting the UK’s economy. This sentiment was shared during his visit to the recently renovated 3 Mills Studios in east London. During his visit, the Mayor unveiled the £6 million transformation of the studios, which included upgrades to various historic buildings.

Additionally, over 10,000 square feet of creative workspace was created, enhancing the environmental sustainability, climate resilience, and economic viability of these significant heritage assets. The completion of the studio’s renovation signifies a significant step forward in supporting and nurturing the creative talents that thrive within the city.

Revamped East London Studios Set to Transform Film and Television Landscape

Around 3 Mills Studios has served as a prestigious venue for a multitude of internationally renowned TV series and films. It includes the Emmy award-winning US production, The Great, and the critically acclaimed film, Never Let Me Go. With the infusion of £6 million in funding from the Mayor and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), the studios are poised to undergo a transformative expansion.

It will further help in broadening their scope to encompass film, TV productions, and even theatre. This generous investment will undoubtedly propel 3 Mills Studios to new heights. Moreover, it solidifies a position as the hub for creative excellence in the entertainment industry.

The cultural and creative industries have suffered greatly from the pandemic’s impact and the escalating operating costs. However, film and TV productions created around London in the past five years have contributed over £10 billion to the UK’s economy.

This industry will play a crucial role in propelling the country’s economy forward in the coming years. Recognizing this, the Mayor is fully committed to providing unwavering support. He will especially consider the capital’s unfortunate history of turning away multimillion-dollar US film and TV productions due to insufficient studio space.

A Game-Changer for the Film and Television Industry

London is currently witnessing a surge in the establishment and enhancement of state-of-the-art studio spaces. The Mayor has successfully secured a whopping £3 million for the extensive renovation of 3 Mills Studios. Alongside an additional £5 million to inaugurate Dagenham’s Eastbrook Studios.

It will be the largest studio to grace London’s landscape in the past 25 years. These commendable endeavors are possible through the Mayor’s allocation of £22.1 million from the Government’s substantial £900 million Getting Building Fund.

The combined efforts of these projects are set to generate over 1,000 employment opportunities. It is spanning a diverse range of fields such as marketing, design, animation, and camera crew.

The projects undertaken at 3 Mills Studios are possible through funding from the Government’s Getting Building Fund. This funding, amounting to a generous £3 million grant, was allocated by the Mayor of London. Additionally, £1.9 million in funding has been provided through the LLDC’s Community Infrastructure Fund.

The studios are an integral component of the flourishing cultural investment in East London. This investment is exemplified by East Bank, a groundbreaking initiative worth £1.1 billion. It serves as a vibrant hub for culture and education in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This corridor has the potential to generate a staggering £3.7 billion for the UK economy and create an impressive 21,000 job opportunities.

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East London Studios Embrace Renovation, Paving the Way for Boom in Film and TV

London is the powerhouse of the film and TV industry in the UK. It features a staggering 34 film and TV crews capturing captivating scenes on the bustling streets of the capital every single day. The Mayor has taken remarkable strides in unleashing the immense potential of this industry. Moreover, dedicating over £19 million in the past five years to nurture young talent and expand studio spaces. His unwavering support extends to a multitude of projects aimed at creating opportunities for Londoners.

This initiative encompasses a valuable collaboration with NBCUniversal. It is offering young Londoners an exceptional opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the realm of TV and film production. 

Additionally, the Creative Skills Academy, developed in partnership with Film London and Capital City College Group, aims for something bigger. It will bridge the gap for individuals who have historically been marginalized in the industry, providing them with employment and freelance prospects. 

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