Eddie Izzard Launches Bid to Become Labour MP in Brighton

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – Comedian Eddie Izzard has recently embarked on a campaign to secure a position as a Labour Member of Parliament in Brighton during the upcoming general election. At the age of 61, Izzard made the announcement, expressing her desire to contribute to the city’s ongoing progress and maintain its position as a trailblazer for societal transformation. Caroline Lucas, the sole Member of Parliament representing the Green Party in the UK, has been in office since 2010. However, she recently declared her decision to step down at the upcoming election, which was announced in June.

From the Stage to the Parliament: Eddie Izzard’s Political Aspirations in the Brighton Labor Party

After an unsuccessful attempt to become Labor’s candidate in Sheffield Central last year, Ms. Izzard has now made an announcement through her website. She stated that she is standing to support the brilliant city of Sheffield and its diverse and vibrant community. Moreover, she revealed “Brighton is a city leading the way in embracing change, and I am committed to supporting its ongoing transformation. While the Tories fuel fear and promote cultural divisions, Brighton sets an example for the rest of the country.

It is a city that embraces diversity, open-mindedness, and inclusivity, boasting a vibrant art, creative, and cultural community. It is a place brimming with imagination, energy, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Eddie Izzard further continues: “For 13 years the Tories have tried to drag us down. Police numbers, cut. 

Fewer dentists, doctors and nurses. A rail network grinding to a halt, and sewage dumping into the sea. Hiking the cost of everything and holding Brighton back. And we all saw what happened under the Green Council — house building stalled whilst rubbish piled high in the streets.”

Ms. Izzard has made a commitment to take “practical action” instead of resorting to mere “protest” in order to address the issues that need fixing. She is determined to fight for a planet that is fairer, greener, and cleaner.

Eddie Izzard brings Laughter and Politics together in the Labor MP Race for Brighton

At the core of my political beliefs lies the idea of reaching out and uplifting others. I firmly believe in building connections rather than serving them. Therefore, I invite you to join me in this endeavor. Please reach out, get involved, and together, let’s restore the Labour party in Brighton Pavilion.

In the previous general election held in 2019, Ms. Lucas secured an impressive 57.2 percent of the total votes, which amounted to 33,151 votes. On the other hand, the Labour candidate, Adam Imampour, received 22.8 percent of the votes, totaling 13,211 votes.

After Ms. Lucas announced her decision to step down in the upcoming election, the Green Party chose Sian Berry, a former co-leader, as her successor. Berry secured an impressive 71 percent of the first preference votes, solidifying her position as the party’s candidate.

From 2018 to 2021, Ms. Berry held the esteemed position of co-leader within the party, sharing leadership responsibilities with Jonathan Bartley. During this time, she shouldered the immense responsibility of seeking re-election in Brighton Pavilion, recognizing the magnitude of the task at hand.

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Brighton’s Comedy Star, Eddie Izzard, Puts Forward Ambitious Bid for Labor MP Seat

“Brighton Pavilion is in need of a Green MP in Parliament who can effectively represent the diverse population of this remarkable constituency. I am committed to earning the trust and support of every voter in Brighton Pavilion, and I assure you that I will dedicate every moment leading up to the general election to achieve this,” she confidently declared upon the announcement of her candidacy last month.

In other news, the Liberal Democrats have disclosed their plans to initiate the candidate selection process in September. On the other hand, the Conservative Party has not yet revealed any information regarding their selection process for this particular seat.”

In a video shared on social media to announce her candidacy, Izzard praised Brighton as a city known for its open-mindedness and inclusivity, highlighting her own connections to Sussex. Sian Berry, the former co-leader of the Green Party, has been selected as the party’s candidate to replace Ms. Lucas in Brighton Pavilion during the upcoming general election. In the race to become Labor’s candidate in Sheffield Central, Eddie Izzard was defeated by local councilor Abtisam Mohamed.

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