Ending Hunger In Latin America: A Global Priority

Behind the last plate of food that you have had in front of you, perhaps there was a story of great interest.

It is not just a question of who ultimately provided that food, but a series of factors that go from its production to its arrival on the market.

And in each of these instances there can be a struggle between corporations or countries, says Juan José Borrell, author of the book “Geopolitics and Food: The Challenge of Food Security in the Face of International Competition for Natural Resources.”

“Food is a factor of power,” says this professor and geopolitical researcher at the Universidad del Rosario and the Universidad de la Defensa Nacional in Argentina, in an interview with BBC Mundo.

What follows is a summary of the dialogue with Borrell, who was an adviser to the Argentine delegation before the Committee on World Food Security of the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and participates in the Hay Festival of Cartagena that takes place between January 26 and 29 in that Colombian city.

This article is originally published on bbc.com