Exploring Accountant Salaries in the UK: An In-Depth Look

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – If you are pursuing a career in accountancy in the UK, then you must find out about the possible earnings you can make as an accountant. The good news is that you can receive a very healthy accountant salary all through your career in the UK. If you qualify to become a professional accountant, you can expect to match the UK earnings in the banking and law sector.

Across all sectors, the demand for qualified accountants has become greater than ever in the United Kingdom. The businesses are investing heavily in the permanent recruitment of accountants but they need to manage the finances in an organized way to run their business effectively.

How Much Do Trainee Accountants Earn In The UK?

It is common to receive multiple jobs offers as an accountant. If you are planning to switch jobs you’re your current employer will put forward a counteroffer. Even as a trainee accountant, you can get a competitive salary. The newly appointed accountants can expect to see a rise in their salary after the excellent career progression. An accountant can expect to get a starting salary of about £30,000. 

The figures are expected to get double in three or more years. The starting salary of an accountant will depend on the size and type of organization you are working for. Your salary will also depend on the location of your office and the duties you have to serve at the office.

How Much Do Qualified and Chartered Accountants Earn? 

There’s a definite incentive to your salary if you have completed your qualification. The average salary for newly qualified accountants is estimated to be around £48,100. You can also expect to see this shoot up after gaining some experience. The average global salary of a Chartered Accountant is £130,000. 

You can expect to get a big salary as a qualified accountant. The charted accountants also get bonuses that can add up to their annual and monthly salaries. There are important attributes when you are considering a career option. However, accountancy is a sector that is worth thinking about.

What Is The Gender Pay Gap Of Accountants?  

As with many professions, there is still a pay gap between the two genders working in the accounting industry. The make chartered accountants can earn an average salary of £100,900. On the other hand, female accountants are earning an average of £63,900. 

There is a major gap between the salaries of a male and a female in the accounting sector. This gap has increased by 5.4% since 2014. The pay gap has been the narrowest for chartered accountants under 30.

Research has revealed then make accountants are more likely to work in senior roles. They are likely to get more jobs in the private sector and in regions where the salaries can be higher. The gender pay gap will remain based on the demographics and in different kinds of working situations of both men and women. 

Women accountants generally do part-time jobs at not-for-profit organizations where salaries can be lower. The general outlook for finance professionals in the UK is strong. If you are building a career in accountancy, then you can expect to be handsomely remunerated.


1. How Much Are Accountants Paid In the UK?

Accountants in the UK are earning an estimated amount between £28,630 to £400,000* every year. The salary can vary depending on various factors like qualifications, industry, specialism, and company size.

2. Is Accounting A Well Paid Job In The UK?

Across the UK, the annual salary for a Management Accountant who has some prior experience and skills is £46,000. The pay scale can climb up to £50,500 if you have a lot of experience and skills.

3. Is Accounting A Good Career In the UK?

There is a consistently high level of demand for accountants in the UK. Large enterprises are hiring a specialist members of staff in their accounting departments.

4. Are Accountants In Demand In The UK?

The total tax accountant vacancies have seen an increase per year in the UK. There is a lot of demand for tax accountants in the UK so you can expect to get a job in this sector easily.

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5. How Much Does A Financial Adviser Accountant Earns?

At entry level, a financial adviser accountant can expect to earn a salary of £22,000 and £30,000 a year. Once you are qualified and promoted your salary could reach up to £60,000.

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