Former UK Prime Minister Cameron Returns to Government After Interior Minister Ousted by Sunak

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UK ( Parliament Politics Maganize ) – David Cameron is set to assume the role of UK Foreign Secretary (Foreign Minister) as part of a cabinet reshuffle, which includes the removal of the controversial Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Suella Braverman.

In the midst of another significant government reorganisation amid an unusually prolonged period of political upheaval, Braverman has been dismissed from her position. Meanwhile, in a surprising development that has caught the attention of parliamentary observers, former Prime Minister Cameron is making a comeback to active politics after a seven-year hiatus.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Succumbs to Public Pressure

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has succumbed to increasing public pressure and dismissed Braverman, an outspoken right-winger who played a central role in implementing some of the government’s most contentious policies.

Following the announcement of her dismissal, Braverman released a statement expressing that serving as Home Secretary had been “the greatest privilege.” The position is widely regarded as one of the most crucial roles in the British government. She further mentioned that she “will have more to say in due course.” Braverman has been succeeded by James Cleverly, who, until this morning, held the position of Foreign Secretary.

The Foreign Secretary position will now be assumed by Cameron, who has remained mostly out of the public eye since stepping down as Prime Minister in 2016, a day after the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union in a polarizing national referendum.

In a post on X, previously known as Twitter, Cameron expressed that he “gladly accepted” the offer, citing that the UK is “facing a daunting set of international challenges.” However, the appointment of the leader responsible for the UK’s departure from the European Union is expected to be viewed skeptically in Brussels.

Supporters Praising Government’s Reshuffle

Given that he is no longer an active Member of Parliament, Cameron will assume the role through a constitutional maneuver, serving as an unelected peer in the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the UK’s Parliament.

Supporters have praised the government’s reshuffle at the highest levels, viewing it as a potential turning point for the ruling Conservatives and Prime Minister Sunak. After holding power for 13 years, the Conservative party has been facing significant challenges, trailing in polls and experiencing losses in a series of by-elections called to elect parliamentary MPs.

As the prospect of a general election next year looms, grassroots members have been advocating for a return to core party principles, emphasizing small government, enterprise, and low taxes as a strategy to regain support.

Upon Sunak’s ascension to the position of Prime Minister six days later, he sparked controversy by re-appointing Braverman as Home Secretary. Her connection to a set of highly contentious policies, including proposals to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for claims processing, has created a rift with moderates within the Conservative party. Braverman has previously asserted that the UK is experiencing an “invasion” of asylum seekers arriving on small boats.

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Who Is Suella Braverman?

Sue-Ellen (Suella) Braverman is a politician and senior barrister who has held the position of Home Secretary twice in two Conservative governments. As a UK national with an Indian-Kenyan background, she has risen to prominence as a prominent figure on the right wing of British politics.

Her entry into government occurred during the 2015 general election, where she adopted a firm stance on key issues such as the EU, immigration, and law and order. In 2020, she assumed the role of Attorney General in Boris Johnson’s government, a position in which she frequently found herself embroiled in controversy.

Following Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister last year, Braverman became the initial candidate to declare her intention to replace him. However, she faced an early exit from the race and was later appointed as Home Secretary by Prime Minister Liz Truss. Her tenure in this role was short-lived, as she resigned after acknowledging a “technical infringement” related to sending an official document from a personal email account.

In recent weeks, she has advocated for a more stringent approach to homelessness, characterizing it as a “lifestyle choice” for those sleeping on the streets. Additionally, she has labeled pro-Palestinian rallies in London and other locations as “hate marches” and accused the police of displaying bias in their management of these events. These assertions prompted London Mayor Sadiq Khan to accuse her of fueling far-right violence at these gatherings.

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